Saturday, 26 July 2014

Dionne Reid 'She Can't'

Amazing voice!! 'She Can't by Dionne Reid has been playing on loop this morning....and this afternoon.  
A mix of soul and reggae is always a good combination (for me anyway) If you haven't heard it yet check it out now.


Dionne Reid | She Can't [Music Video]: SBTV

Make sure you download 'She Can't' on iTunes

The South London songbird has bags of talent and is a credit the the UK music scene. LOVE HER!!
I wanna share 'Angel' another song I adore. I may have cried when I first heard this a few years back (Shhh don't tell)

'Nothing Personal'- Richard Osborne

Check out 24-Year old Richard Osborne, R&B Artist from Ipswich.
The singer/songwriter dropped his 6 track EP 'Nothing Personal' back in May which includes features from Scorcher, Ca$his, Torch, Kid Bookie & Mistah F.A.B. and production from Kris Flava & Muckaniks.

DOWNLOAD 'Nothing Personal'

Have a listen to my fave track "Wherever I Fall" ft Torch. Love it!

He doesn't stop there. Richard also linked up with Hip Hop artist Dice Raw (former member of The Roots) for a remix of his single "Just Leave"

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Black Stax

Hip Hop Emcees Silas Blak and Jace ECAj teamed up with vocalist Felicia Loud and together became 'Black Stax'
The Seattle based trio have gained many fans (including myself) with their eclectic sound of Blues, Jazz, R&B, and Hip-Hop. Check out their live performance of 'They Want Me' which is the single from their Debut album 'Talking Buildings'

Silas Blak left the group to focus on his own musical creativity...but I had the opportunity to chat with Jace and Felicia.

Miss R: So..Jace, You and Silas came together to form 'Silent Lambs Project' Tell me how that came about? 

Jace: 'Silent Lambs Project' was created in 1996 when we combined both of our crews, 4th Party and Blind Council. This was a time in Seattle when things were very challenging. You had to be Dope. Whatever your style was to even be 'allowed' on the M I C. It was a real competitive time...good times! No mediocre allowed!  
But, we were doing our own thing and we saw strength and challenge in the combination 'cause most katz in the town were a lil' nervous about that union I think.

Miss R: How did 'Black Stax' get together?

Felicia: Jace, Blak and I have always had a respect for one another as performers. In watching each other and listening to the messages in our music. The brotha's approached me one day and asked what I thought about collaborating with them to form a Hip-Hop group that utilizes a vocalist. Not a vocalist that would perform  purely as a "hook" for the MC's but one who would be an extension of a sound they already had. Of course any new instrument will change a sound of any original sound and we knew that going in, but we all knew the genre would remain Hip-Hop.

Jace: Watching and Listening to a true songbird that the world needs to hear, while standing next to the dopest MC you've come across..It kinda made sense.
It was like being in a room with all your favourites and ya'll don't at least have a jam session!? 
So, we sat, ate, had communion and decided to challenge one another and our comfort zones and createed 'Black Stax'

Combine raw ass vocals with raw ass raps with live instruments to accent, and you get the roots of 'Black Stax'! 'Black Stax' is stacking all forms of Black Music to create the best music...with messages no doubt.

Miss R: Do you each have your own process when coming together to write a song?
Felicia: For me, once there is an idea I want to convey, I start writing whatever thoughts come to mind.

Jace: I Love vibing with a cut for a minute. Get the theme, vibe with my comrades...take in the energy. When the concept hits me, let it go! From street talk, to politics, the music biz, to community concerns, questions/suggestions, to experiences  and the empowerment of my People!
Also, getting in a creative space and seeing where everyone is on the cut and seeing if you need to step your game up. We are always challenging each other to be the Best.
We tell each other when entering the booth or the stage "Be Great"

Miss R: I love the album 'Talking Buildings'  My top tracks are I Love My Life, No Ordinary & They Want Me. Do you have  any favourite tracks off the album?

Felicia: 'Songs Like These'  'Mama Out The Kitchen'  and 'You Don't Want to F..k With This' are a few of my favourites.

Jace:  Whoa...That's a Haaaard One!! I think the whole album has an essence...seriously,  but' Mama Be'  'Runaway'  'Warrior Spirit'  'Chasin Words' 'The Hardest'  and 'I Love my Life'..
I like a few of those joints just based on the pure form the album was created in. I'll stop there.

Miss R: What are you working on right now?

Felicia: Jace and I are continuing to pin point Black Stax's sound with the assistance of a very talented group of musicians. Their name is Klyentel.

Jace: We are working with producers outside the region and releasing new music outside of the US. Things are busy...which we like. Also we are sharing that LIVE album with the World! Have you heard it??

 I always hear how Hip Hop needs to do this and do that. But, sometimes to find the jewels you step out of the Popular and go with the Pugilist...The Raw!
There are so many jewels with GREAT Art that don't always use the same lane to be as exposed as others. But, if you're truly in it for the art that's part of the fun...finding new ill Sh*t!

Miss R:  Has your life changed at all since being in the music industry?

Felicia: My life has changed but I would not contribute that to the music industry. Music has been a part of my life from childhood. I will say the music industry has changed my outlook on the difference between a working artist and a starving artist. A working artist works. A starving artist works at being a great artist regardless if they eat a feast or a snack.

Jace: Changed?? Nah, not really. This industry does allow for certain things to happen or get certain experiences, be exposed to things that don't happen everyday. But, the People in my Life are Real people who do Real things..So  I gotta keep up.

Miss R: Are there any other creative avenues you wish to explore? Felicia, is it true you are also an actress?

Jace: My real passion is the Youth. So, I'm working on a few things surrounding that. I don't like to talk about that, just do the work. Cause that's what they need...stop All this Talking and Sh*t! I've met some real genuine and skilled People who have the same, there Movement.
Felicia: Yes I am an actress. I would like to direct a theatrical play. I would also love to direct a tour show for 'Black Stax' outside the U.S.

Miss R: Which artist/producer would you like to work with in the future?
Felicia: Too many to name. I will start with Stevie Wonder, Prince, Kanye, India Arie, The Roots, Eryka Badu, Ledisi, Nomad da Nomadic. This list goes on. However I will say this, I would like to continue working with the producers and the musicians here in Seattle but on the highest level. All the producers on our album are very talented artists and it would be wonderful to keep building with them.

Jace: That's a tricky question cause as time goes, you get to meet so many talented artists, known and unknown. We just finished a show with two artists that I want to work with, Naomi Wamboe and Maimouna is already done! But, when getting a chance to experience some of these artists, you get a chance to see where it could or couldn't work regardless of what your preconceived idea was. I'm a Vibe kat, so, if I wanted to do a cut with you or never thought about doing a cut with you. Then, I experience you and you're the Truth...I wanna Work! Especially, if we can be in the room together longer than 2 hours -:)

So, without doing that..I'll say, let's have the experience and do work!

Miss R: Looking back from when you first started to now, how have you each developed as an artist?

Felicia: I would say I communicate with the audience better. I also communicate with other artists better than I before.

Jace: I've been Blessed to work with some of the best that do my I feel more skilled and prepared to present the craft.


Miss R: Do you enjoy performing live? Do you ever get nervous before a show?
Felicia: To be honest I always perform Live, even when in the studio. I find it very stressful when I perform in the studio. In the studio the producer, the engineer, the artists, and musicians are listening for flaws, that is our job to recreate digitally what we want people to feel naturally. If I had the choice to use the studio to practice what we create but perform live and record live for every album I would be that artist. At some point and time before every show I get a little nervous.
Jace: Love LIVE shows, think it removes any disguises...Energy is Real, from person to person, mic to audience. Love the feel of a LIVE audience...nothing like it!! Always give Thanks for being able to share my instrument, so there's always an awareness... A touch of excitement!

Miss R: Do you have any shows/Tours planned? and do you plan on coming to the UK?
Felicia: We have one more show coming up in August. No tours as of yet. I have never been to the UK and would love to perform there. However, traveling outside of the country on our own dime is not an option. We will travel to those who can affords to send for us.  :)
Jace: Always prepared to leave but when doing things as a independent you have to be smart with the moves you make. Regardless how great your team is..and, ours is!!
Looking to get a booking agent or connection that can find the right avenues to help us proceed in our mission to travel the World playing Black Stax Music!!
Would love to get to UK!! 

Miss R: Is there anyone in the Seattle music scene I should be looking out for?

Felicia: Piece Laura Kelly, Reggie Lefluer, Latonya Horace, Josie Howell, Tiffany Willison, Darrius Willrich, Soul Senate,
Thadilac, Cascadia 10, Brassmatics, klyentel, Christa bell, Oteyeno, Floyd Barnes & Shontina

Silas Blak
Yirim Seck                                        Nacho Picaso
Sax G                                                Flavor Blue
Raz Simone                                       RoyceDa Choice
Fleeta Partee                                      JMAR da Sic
Delton Son                                         Heather Gin
Lady Tasz                                           Parker Brothaz
Mad Lines                                          The Physics
Klyntel                                                Soul Senate
LaTanya "Sista Luv" Horace              Moor Gang
Queen MaryDean                                Gift da Gab
Dice                                                     Infamous
Chokalate                                            Gabriel Teadros
Tiffany Wilson                                    Suntionio Bandanaz
Darrius Wilrich                                   Tomeka Williams
Wojack                                                Edawg
Shabazz Palaces                                 Thee Satisfaction
XP                                                       Afrok
The Goodsin 
We also have some young katz that's killing the game right now...Koha and his comrades at Brave New Voices (spoken word artists)
Some of these are doing the work, some are skilled...shift thru the Art to Figure it Out!!
'City of Jewels' SEA
Miss R: Thank you Black Stax. Much love.
Check out "I love My Life" the first single from 'Talking Buildings'

Follow Black Stax on Twitter and check out their website!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Saturday Morning Mixtape

3rd Society Entertainment Presents "The Saturday Morning Mixtape" The concept for this mixtape is genius. All the instrumentals are samples from cartoons, video games and wrestling. The aim is to capture that Saturday morning feeling you had as a kid... Ahh the good old days.


Monday, 21 July 2014

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Jay Chambers

Big Up The North!!! I caught up with the young  Manchester emcee and spoken word poet Jay Chambers.
Miss R: Moment of Silence' is due for release in August. What was your inspiration behind this EP?

My inspiration behind moment of silence is the competitiveness in Hip Hop, I feel like in hiphop you've always gotta be reinventing yourself in terms of flow and lyricism, as if you keep the same style your viewed as complacent or not fully about the craft. With that being said another part of this then becomes speculation as there's a massive amount of speculation within our small scene so I feel with 'Moment of Silence' I will have said everything that needs to be said so all the critique & all the speculation will be silenced.
Another bit of inspiration for 'Moment of Silence' was stress after I put my last mixtape out I began going through some issues in my personal life, which resulted in massive writers block, this went on for months and when I finally began writing again at first the songs I made I didn't even have ambitions to make them into a project it just was kind of like a release, but then the project kinda started forming on its own. I remember having a conversation with Aaron Roberts about all this stuff and he said something with the phrase "moment of silence" in it and it just kind of stuck.

Miss R: You teamed up with Olivia Louise for the 2nd single 'Us Against The World' how did this collaboration come about?

I've wanted to work with Olivia ever since I first heard her perform at 'All about Good Music'.  I mentioned this to Aaron from 'All About Good Music' (he had already heard the demo of us against the world at this time), it was him who suggested Olivia for the chorus as at the time we had loads of different mixes but none of quite caught the vibe the way I wanted it to , so I reached out and she nailed it and the rest is history.

Miss R:  How would you describe your style?
My style I'd say is honest. I just write about life. The highs , the lows, the struggles , the politics. I try to touch upon everything really, though with that being said there still is a heavy conscious element too, so if I had to label it I'd say conscious honesty.

Miss R: When did you first start rapping?
My first rap I wrote at like age 12 messing around to the instrumental of 'More Money More Problems' by Biggie Smalls, back when the single cd's always had instrumentals on (laugh) , even though at the time I was more about my drumming and working with bands I still maintained my rapping and then it was at age 20 when I properly decided that this was something I wanted to do (I'm 24 now)

Miss R: How have you found promoting your music and getting gigs etc?

Promoting music and getting gigs for hip hop music is quite hard in Manchester. I feel as a lot of nights/companies are either loosely related to artists or owned by artists so sometimes unless you're close to the said artist you don't really get your chance to show n prove.
However, there are some good nights that help a lot of artists like 'All About Good Music'  do a lot here in Manchester, also 'I luv live'  have been good supporters of what I do too. I think it's easier to get shows outside of Manchester which is sad as there is an abundance of talent here and there is an even bigger abundance of urban music artists here. But I feel it won't really change unless we come together and build our own scene.
We need to control our scene up here the way the artists in London control there's, that way we wouldn't have to migrate south to get heard.

Miss R: Which artist/producers would you like to work with in the future?
Artist wise I would love to work with the broke n English ,I'd also like to work with TJ lyrics . Production wise id love to work with Konny Kon (from broke n English &  Children of Zeus), I would also like to work with Turkish from the d Cypha movement.

Miss R: Do you make your own beats? if not, Is this something you would like to do?
I didn't make my own beats for moment of silence however I had a part in choosing samples guiding the construction of the beats with my producer nsane (@nsaneproductions), however I've started dabbling with production on some new stuff, started laying down some live drums which is a lot of fun.

Miss R:  Being from Manchester, do you feel that Hip Hop artist up north get less exposure than those who are from the London?

Yeah massively I feel that even though we've got a big scene it's always the same one or two artists that get picked up for everything. That isn't a diss and I'm not trying to take away anything from their talent but I feel like a lot of stations just don't really do their research or keep up with our scene, so they keep helping the same artists rather than looking out for new ones.
That being said we don't really help ourselves as we run to London for everything instead of trying to build our own independent thing here, it's kind of like a never ending catch 22.

Miss R:  What other interest do you have outside of music?
I read a lot, I also do spoken word poetry (which you'll hear a lot more of on moment of silence). I'm also interested in film and music videos, so I have a big hand in guiding how my videos are put together and stylised.

Miss R:  Are there anyone in the Manchester music scene I should be looking out for?
There's a ton of people, here are just a few off the top
Danebuca,  Ethrilla, Rzo, Twofourkay, TJ lyrics, Wordz of Wisdom , Lois Davina , Rielle,  Black Josh , Just Liam, Children of Zeus,

Miss R: Thank You Jay..Much Love!

Friday, 18 July 2014


Check out Hip Hop emcee and beat maker CASH from Harlem, New York. 

**Download 'Harlem Nights' Mixtape ft. C.Nellz**

'Lookin Ass B*tches'

NEW MUSIC- Jay Chambers ft Olivia-Louise

Manchester emcee Jay Chambers has teamed up with Olivia-Louise for his new single 'Us Against The World'  from his upcoming  EP 'Moment of Silence'  which is due for release next month.
Check it out!!

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  'Wrath' Recorded Live @ I LUV LIVE Manchester with the 8 Gld Rings Band

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Cheer Dolor

Hello....Talent alert!!!
Let me introduce you to 21 year old producer, rapper, photographer & audio engineer Rafael Morales also known as Cheer Dolor.


Miss R: What age did you start to write?

It all started around the age of 15. I've always felt the urge to express myself through a creative outlet but just couldn't figure out what. So when I first started to write my first few rhymes right then and there was when I knew this was my calling.

Miss R: For those who don't know you, how would you describe your sound?

I would like to describe my sound as true. You won't get nothing but raw emotion. Even if its through my production side you'll feel a certain way. That is my goal, to capture you and put you into a certain state of mind. If I don't succeed in doing so then I as an artist have failed.

Miss R: What inspires your writing? Do you need to hear the beat first or do you just hit record and spit?

I always like to start off listening to a beat first. If I don't feel like the beat is telling me a story or giving me a concept then I'll back off. Regardless of how good the beat may seem If I can't find melodies right away or start getting ideas I'll skip to the next one.

Miss R: I listened to your track 'Sinning With A Sober Conscious' It's a very personal song. Is writing about your life something you find easy?

All I've been writing about is my life. I find it so much easier to write about things that are true to me. I can't sit there and try to come up with lines that may sound dope to the audience but what am I gaining from that? Writing is my own kind of therapy. lying to myself isn't going to gain anything. It'll only lead me into a path
many others have taken already and don't think I'll ever be ready to forget where I came from.

'Sinning With A Sober Conscious'

Miss R: How did you get in to the production side of things?

Around the age of 18 I felt like I can do more than just write. My cousin (GDWRKS) who has been producing way before me also has been my engineer and producer. I told him I wanted to learn production so without hesitation he helped me get everything I needed. He was the first to give me my first keyboard and I still have it till this day. I stopped producing for a while because my pc had stopped working but got back into just last year and haven't stopped since.

Miss R: Which of your own songs mean the most to you and why?

I would say "Sinning With A Sober Conscious" is the song that means most to me. It just summarizes everything that I have been dealing with and I feel like I couldn't have said it any better. I have been holding back on a lot and felt like now was the time to speak my mind. Without me knowing my family listened to the song and started crying. My grandmother came into my room in the middle of the night and talked to me about it. Hopefully I could stop writing these sad songs but my passion is based on people, loved ones, and memories so I don't think I'll stop anytime soon.


Miss R: You're very creative and I notice you are keen on Art. Is this another branch off the 'Cheer Dolor' talent tree?

I'm trying to do it all. I want to learn photography, videography etc. Knowing all these talents is a huge advantage in the music industry. I wouldn't have to worry about paying people or worry about someone doing the job wrong. I'm really big on visual and I'm trying to master everything connected to that.

Miss R: You have collabrated with UK producer Moteleola for one of my fave songs "So Good" do you plan on working with any other UK talents?

I have been working with artists from France to the UK working on different projects that are still in the works. I'm trying to work with singers but its tough to find a good one who hasn't already found a producer to work with or is even dedicated as much as I am for music. Me and Motelelola have a huge project we working on but I can't speak too much on it lol.


Miss R: What are you working on right now?

Currently I have been working on my first solo album. I'm a picky perfectionist who only wants the best for his music and fans. Its taking me some time to find the right sounds and producers who are willing to help out. I could produce my own album but its difficult for me to get on my own songs for some reason, its always been that way.


Miss R: Do you have any shows planned?

I have been going to New York and finding out about open mic's and where I can perform. Nothing is written in stone yet on when I'll perform again but I'm working on it.


Miss R: What was the last song you listend to/downloaded?

The last song I just downloaded was by Erykah Badu - 'On and On' She's such an amazing artist and plan on remixing one of her tracks or using her acappellas.

Miss R: Is there a Mrs.Dolor supporting you?

As of now I do have me a special lady in my life and I couldn't be any happier right now. We'll see how things play out :)

Follow Cheer Dolor on twitter also check out his soundcloud.

Miss Radcliffe Meets......4i

"To Young To Stress, To Young To Worry. To Young To Live My Life In A Hurry...." 
Yes, I found a new song I love. I'm sure you will sing along after hearing it.
'Soul Rich' the new song from North London's artist 4i.
Miss R: When did you first get in to music?

Music has always been part of who I am, but I really started picking it up when I was about 12/13 years young. I remember my dad had bought a music software for the pc and I would use it to make beats. Shortly after that came my first ever written verse. 

Miss R: How would you describe your style?
I would like to think unique, very different to what is 'popping' at the moment. Very honest and most of all positive. Many people have compared me to artists such as Mos Def, J cole and even Common, which I can only take as compliments. 

 Miss R: Who did you listen to growing up?
Growing up I listened to all kinds of music, but most of all I was a big fan of KRS-One, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Outkast and 2pac. I would definitely say these were my idols that influenced me into music.  
Miss R: I LOVE  your track 'Soul Rich' such a nice vibe. positive lyrics and soulful...Do you have a album to follow?
Not an album but I do have a mixtape that is in the pipelines. If all goes to plan it should be out before the end of the year. 'Soul Rich' being the first release from the tape, which is also entitled 'Soul Rich'
Soul Rich - 4i
Miss R: What do you think of the music on the radio today?
I have to be honest, I don't listen to the radio so that should say it all lol. 

Miss R: Who are your top 3 artist?

Of all time?  That's a tough one... For me I would have to say Bob Marley and 2pac. Their music really would touch the soul.

Miss R: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Where do I start? lol.  I would love to collaborate with Pharrell Williams and Erykah Badu.  I think we would create some real bangers aha

Miss R: Other than music, are there any other creative avenues you would like to explore?
I would love to explore drama. Acting in films. I've always had a slight passion for acting. I've just never really pursued it. 
Miss R: How have you developed as a artist?
As artists, I believe you are forever developing and should always want to grow into creating better. I've come along away from when I first began, not only with the song writing but with my vision of where I want to be in a few years to come. Slowly but surely things are becoming a lot more clear to me, also with the sound that is starting to develop as well.

 Miss R: Do you have any shows/Tours planned?
I have a few shows booked for the end of this month leading into September and October but my main focus right now is to get a few more visuals under my belt. We live in a day and age where it's not jus about making good music anymore, people want to visually see something so that's where I'm going to be focusing most of my energy.

Miss R: Where can we get your music?
You can check out my music here: 
Thank you 4i!!!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Shiesty L

Miss R: It was your English teacher who encouraged you to pursue rap as a creative outlet. Do you remember the first poem you wrote? What was your inspiration at that time?

Yes indeed it was I can’t remember her name right now it slips my memory but She had us keep a daily journal  and instead of just writing out mine in regular diary format I used to write mine in a poetry rhyming  type format and one day she left a note in my journal saying “did you ever think about being a rapper….I think your be very good” and that day I went home wrote my first rap verse which was more like an essay since it was so long lol…… first poem was a poem complaining about how some people was trying to take credit from the Egyptians for building the pyramids …..Nas influence most of my early poems.

  Miss R:  What music outside of Hip Hop did you listen to as a youngster?
All types from reggae to pop …. Bob Marley, Prince, Michael Jackson, Peter Tosh, Whitney Houston, a lot of 60’s and 70’s funk era music.
Miss R:  You're not the typical rapper who talks about 'Bitches and Guns' etc.. You send a positive message in your music. Is this something you have always been about?
In my early days I did maybe because of my former gang ties , but as I matured I read more and gained more knowledge which would later influence me to touch more important subjects then just sex, murder and money ….I think too many MC’s are scared of talking about real issues like race, politics and social economics.
Miss R: You released two mixtapes earlier in the year 'The Saturday Morning Mixtape' & 'Barbaric Musik' what else are you working on at the moment?
Yes I did …Barbaric Musik will be out this summer and I may release a project I have called “Lost Sessions”  which are tracks I’ve never released or didn’t make other projects similar to what Nas did with “Lost Tapes”
 Miss R:  What makes 'Shiesty L' different from any other artist out now?

Honestly I’m not scared to touch on more controversial subjects and say what’s on my mind. I’m not afraid to be different. Rappers these days stay in a box, they let strip clubs and charts dictate the music they make, while I myself try to make every project a different experience and at the same time become better at my craft while trying to stay authentic to the fans.
Shiesty L - "Do it again" (official music video)#shiestyology2

Miss R: Has your life changed since becoming a artist?
Yea it has, because you live hip hop everyday it’s a culture and way of life for me .Being a rapper these days you have to keep up with social trends and release new music on the regular or your audience will lose interests in you and move on to the next “new thing” ,we live in a microwave society now ...they want products now and right away.

Miss R:  Looking back from when you started to now. How have you developed as an artist?
I think I’ve evolved greatly ,everyday I’m improving from album to album I think that helps as an artist though it allows the audience to grow and get to know you and entail they learn your story.

Miss R: If you could pick any producer or artist, who would, you like to work with?
Producer’s DJ premier, Just Blaze and Dr Dre ….artist Eminem, Nas & 50 CENT

Miss R: Tell us about 3rd Society Entertainment. I know you also host a online radio show every Monday 8pm (3rd Society Radio) with Rudy Rudacious and Lady Ruck. How did it all come together? 
We found ourselves frustrated with the way we were being treated and the quality of work that was done by other video production companies we contracted in the past. 3rd Society Entertainment was started with my long time friend and then later business partner “D” back in Far Rockaway, Queens. What some people may not know about me (besides being a rapper) is that I am an accomplished videographer which allows me to direct my own videos thus helping me bring my vision to reality (I earned my degree in video and audio science technology at N.E.I.T).The ultimate goal for 3rd Society Entertainment was for the consumer to have access to services like videography , photography and various other  media production products and get five star level professional service while paying Wal-Mart like prices, because as an artist I know what it feels like to be ripped off by bigger companies and at the same time  paying outlandish fees for subpar work .As 3.S.E grew we started branching out into clothing and even started our own internet radio show which lead me to meet and later recruit talents like Rudy Rudacious who shared our out spoken and honest views …politically correctness just doesn’t really work for us lol
Miss R: What has been your biggest achievement so far?
Just getting the public to listen and gaining a following makes me feel hip hop has still has hope, having people connect with songs like “I am somebody” or just listening to my projects alone is an accomplishment in itself it keeps me going and humbled.

Shiesty L - I Am Somebody (Official Music Video) #shiestyology3

Miss R:  Are you planning any shows/tours?
Yes, I plan on doing a lot more local shows this year as well as touring now that I have the catalogue to put on a dope show.
 Miss R: What other projects have you been involved in and what do you have going on right now?
I plan on doing some more filming for myself and other artist I really want to do a short documentary in 2015. I want to show my skills behind the camera as well as improving my music videos its time the world see my vision.
You can catch Shiesty L  on 3rd society radio. Mondays 8pm (est)

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Aja Malone

I would like to introduce Songwriter, Rapper, Businesswoman and Entertainer Miss Aja 'Lioness' Malone.  

Miss R: You wrote your first rhyme at the age of ten, Do you remember the lyrics?
Lol, I wish I could but I'm sorry I do not I just know my first rhyme was some A, B, C stuff very basic lol...but what a lot of people may not know is I started writing R&B songs first. I can not remember the song or what it was even about, but when I would write I absolutely loved putting how I felt on paper. It was soothing & helped me free my mind & I also wanted to relate to others as they may be experiencing some similar things in their lives.
Miss R: What makes you stand out from other female MC's?

I strongly believe each artist plays a part in's all about knowing your position and staying in your lane but not having a problem to crossover if certain visions/productions call for that. I love to stick to the creativity. I love and absolutely enjoy that fun, feel good music & the lyrical essence of Hip-Hop, so with each song I stick to that form. I can write a song that is creative, fun, lyrical, with a edge & still give you a good feeling with a touch of charm. I also aim for songs that people can relate to, paint a picture...tell a story. People want to know you genuinely and sincerely respect and appreciate. I am letting everyone know I feel you whether it is directly or indirectly. I'm bringing that passion and energy...letting you know I feel it and I feel you. I also love being witty & having that wordplay that will make people think.
Miss R: What's your favourite song ?
Lol, oh favourite song?...there are so many I feel like if I name one I will be taking away from the others lol....that's really hard for me to pinpoint...& I'm saying that from all genre's(Gospel, Reggae, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, etc.) I really just love all kinds of music.
Miss R: Mary J Blige, MC Lyte and Queen Latifah are 3 female Rappers who you admire. Who are your top 3 male rappers?

 Scarface(Brad Jordan) , Redman, & Jay-Z
Miss R: Who would be your dream collaboration?
Oh wow, there are really so many once again, but I would have to start off by saying MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z, Cold Play, FallOut Boy.
Miss R: What are you working on now?
My Secret Weapon Vol 2: Cloak and Dagger mixtape which is hosted by DJ Rob-Low is complete. I have dropped 3 single thus far from off the the mixtape "Don't Want None of This," F.Y.E (Top of The Line Jewelry)," & "State of the Art 2.0". The full mixtape will be dropping this August. From there I will be dropping my debut EP album "I Live For This...."
Miss R: What's been your biggest achievement so far?
I'm still working towards having a big achievement. I believe I have a lot more room to grow as a person, artist, songwriter, businesswoman, & entertainer before I can say I have a big achievement. I mean don't get me wrong I've had a lot of great things occur & have been blessed with some really great opportunities but I don't believe I'm at that stage as of yet. I'm still learning and growing through experience.
Miss R:  How have you developed as a artist?

I'm still developing as an artist each day I am learning and growing. I see improvements on a lyrical level, business level, etc but I feel like I have so much more room to get better than I was the day before...the song before & etc. I believe it's all a works in progress & it takes God & teamwork. I don't do this all on my own.
Miss R: What other projects are you involved with?
First off let me express my appreciation and thanks towards being given the opportunity of being apart of This Is Miss Radcliffe BlogSpot. Your love and support has been so awesome. I thank you and all of UK for your continuous love and support 
I am a featured artist on Ladies Luv Music
I am a featured artist on Divas On 24 Radio and my song F.Y.E. (Top of the Line Jewelry) will be on their "Street Compilation Vol 1. album"
I will be on "The Playlist" compilation album
I have an upcoming feature with Rude Boy Magazine and sponsorship with Rude Boy Clothing
I have a sponsorship with Phreshlife clothing #SleepMode Lol
I did the song jingle for "Money Wisdom for Women" a Worldwide based TV & Radio show talking on financial investments and knowledge.

I will soon be shooting Day 2 of my music video for my song "So Confident" and "1st Draft" that is on my upcoming EP album.  Day 1 shoot of the music video went really well. We had a lot of fun and I learned a lot of great new things as it pertains to shooting a music video....I must add I am working with the incredible & talented Devin Ricks for DJRP Productions (music video director & producer of the music video), my talented & creative executive producer Diggz ( who produced "So Confident" and is also my executive producer for my EP album, my business partner & talented Sekou Evans and the lovely & talented make-up artist Brittany Gilliam who as a team is making all of this come to life.
Miss R: Do you have any shows/Tours coming up?

I have a couple shows in the works that my team & I are still working out all the details on. I also look forward to touring and that is something else we have in process.
Appreciate you for your time, professionalism, patience and this opportunity. It is more than a pleasure. :)
Miss R: Thank you too Aja!!

Check out Aja's Souncloud!