Monday, 21 December 2015

'WR2: Ignorance Of The Horn' by Polo Paul

Following on from his debut 'White Rhino' Hip Hop artist Polo Paul brings us his second instalment 'WR2: Ignorance Of The Horn'
What can I say?....I love this! I can easily play all 10 tracks without skipping to the next song...a good sign right?

Each song is a banger for sure. Great production, Nice flow and funky beats.
My top 3 are tracks: 'Chillin Or Fxckin' Ft Paloma & AMP, 'Mistake' and 'Back Now'.

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'WR2 Ignorance Of The Horn' is available via iTunes



Tuesday, 8 December 2015

"Green Screens In-Visible View" EP by Piers James

  After the successful releases of ’80’s Baby’ and ‘Just Some Kids’ from his third EP ‘Green Screens In Visible View’ – Piers James has officially staked his claim as one to watch. Catching the eyes of the likes of Complex, Sabotage Times, DJ Booth, SBTV and Link Up TV, Piers slots seamlessly into the most vital of the current high-quality 90s revivalists in UK Hip-Hop: Little Simz, Jay Prince and Hawk House with his energetic, creative wordplay and penchant for high-quality, golden era instrumentals.
The EP showcases Piers’ mischievous, confident delivery as well as an insight into a darker, more memecing side to the young rapper as yet unseen. In addition to delivering the bars, Piers is responsible for the majority of the production on the EP and alongside Jake Milliner (whose production credits include the likes of Hawk House) the EP is a seriously exciting body of work from start to finish.