Sunday, 18 June 2017

Sequence EP by Margo Theory

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Introducing the very talented violinist, music producer and creator.. Margo Theory.
She recently released her very first EP
(done completely on her own) 'Sequence'
I really, really LOVE this EP and think everyone should click download this gem and treat the ears to some sweet vibes.

'The Sequence EP was a journey. From beginning to end, lessons were learned, problems were solved, frequencies were explored, mistakes were made. There were painful breakdowns and triumphant breakthroughs. Deep moments of doubt and depression. Feelings of fear and solitude. Confusion. Learning curves. Pure and utter determination. There was a lot of time spent cutting through thickets of unknown digital and sonic lands. A way had to be made. A path had to be blazed in order to get through to the other side. Although Sequence is imperfect, it was through the imperfections that peace was found within the project. When you've done the best you could possibly do, at your current stage, with your current resources, the next step is to accept your creation for what it is...the highlights and the shadows. Fall in love with what you've done.' Margo Theory

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