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Miss Radcliffe Meets......Shiesty L

Miss R: It was your English teacher who encouraged you to pursue rap as a creative outlet. Do you remember the first poem you wrote? What was your inspiration at that time?

Yes indeed it was I can’t remember her name right now it slips my memory but She had us keep a daily journal  and instead of just writing out mine in regular diary format I used to write mine in a poetry rhyming  type format and one day she left a note in my journal saying “did you ever think about being a rapper….I think your be very good” and that day I went home wrote my first rap verse which was more like an essay since it was so long lol…… first poem was a poem complaining about how some people was trying to take credit from the Egyptians for building the pyramids …..Nas influence most of my early poems.

  Miss R:  What music outside of Hip Hop did you listen to as a youngster?
All types from reggae to pop …. Bob Marley, Prince, Michael Jackson, Peter Tosh, Whitney Houston, a lot of 60’s and 70’s funk era music.
Miss R:  You're not the typical rapper who talks about 'Bitches and Guns' etc.. You send a positive message in your music. Is this something you have always been about?
In my early days I did maybe because of my former gang ties , but as I matured I read more and gained more knowledge which would later influence me to touch more important subjects then just sex, murder and money ….I think too many MC’s are scared of talking about real issues like race, politics and social economics.
Miss R: You released two mixtapes earlier in the year 'The Saturday Morning Mixtape' & 'Barbaric Musik' what else are you working on at the moment?
Yes I did …Barbaric Musik will be out this summer and I may release a project I have called “Lost Sessions”  which are tracks I’ve never released or didn’t make other projects similar to what Nas did with “Lost Tapes”
 Miss R:  What makes 'Shiesty L' different from any other artist out now?

Honestly I’m not scared to touch on more controversial subjects and say what’s on my mind. I’m not afraid to be different. Rappers these days stay in a box, they let strip clubs and charts dictate the music they make, while I myself try to make every project a different experience and at the same time become better at my craft while trying to stay authentic to the fans.
Shiesty L - "Do it again" (official music video)#shiestyology2

Miss R: Has your life changed since becoming a artist?
Yea it has, because you live hip hop everyday it’s a culture and way of life for me .Being a rapper these days you have to keep up with social trends and release new music on the regular or your audience will lose interests in you and move on to the next “new thing” ,we live in a microwave society now ...they want products now and right away.

Miss R:  Looking back from when you started to now. How have you developed as an artist?
I think I’ve evolved greatly ,everyday I’m improving from album to album I think that helps as an artist though it allows the audience to grow and get to know you and entail they learn your story.

Miss R: If you could pick any producer or artist, who would, you like to work with?
Producer’s DJ premier, Just Blaze and Dr Dre ….artist Eminem, Nas & 50 CENT

Miss R: Tell us about 3rd Society Entertainment. I know you also host a online radio show every Monday 8pm (3rd Society Radio) with Rudy Rudacious and Lady Ruck. How did it all come together? 
We found ourselves frustrated with the way we were being treated and the quality of work that was done by other video production companies we contracted in the past. 3rd Society Entertainment was started with my long time friend and then later business partner “D” back in Far Rockaway, Queens. What some people may not know about me (besides being a rapper) is that I am an accomplished videographer which allows me to direct my own videos thus helping me bring my vision to reality (I earned my degree in video and audio science technology at N.E.I.T).The ultimate goal for 3rd Society Entertainment was for the consumer to have access to services like videography , photography and various other  media production products and get five star level professional service while paying Wal-Mart like prices, because as an artist I know what it feels like to be ripped off by bigger companies and at the same time  paying outlandish fees for subpar work .As 3.S.E grew we started branching out into clothing and even started our own internet radio show which lead me to meet and later recruit talents like Rudy Rudacious who shared our out spoken and honest views …politically correctness just doesn’t really work for us lol
Miss R: What has been your biggest achievement so far?
Just getting the public to listen and gaining a following makes me feel hip hop has still has hope, having people connect with songs like “I am somebody” or just listening to my projects alone is an accomplishment in itself it keeps me going and humbled.

Shiesty L - I Am Somebody (Official Music Video) #shiestyology3

Miss R:  Are you planning any shows/tours?
Yes, I plan on doing a lot more local shows this year as well as touring now that I have the catalogue to put on a dope show.
 Miss R: What other projects have you been involved in and what do you have going on right now?
I plan on doing some more filming for myself and other artist I really want to do a short documentary in 2015. I want to show my skills behind the camera as well as improving my music videos its time the world see my vision.
You can catch Shiesty L  on 3rd society radio. Mondays 8pm (est)

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