Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Cyclonious The Natural Disaster

Cyclonious is always one for spreading a message to the people. Here are three of my top tracks from him.

Cyclonious Ft. Teach - "So Amazing"

Cyclonious "Simple" 

Cyclonious  "Freedom"

Also don't forget Cyclonious new EP Hostile Leadership is out now via Cyclonious.co.uk

Monday, 25 August 2014

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Jessuss C Jackson

I had the pleasure of chatting with Birmingham rapper and producer Jessuss C Jackson aka JC

Miss R: You wrote your first rhyme at the age of 8. Do you remember it?

I don't remember it all, but the first line went something like this.. "When I rhyme you know I'm on time,
Like a star I'm born to shine, rock da beat and have a good time!"

Miss R: What inspires your music?

Life, Struggles, Triumph. I like to see people rise up and face their fears. We all have a voice. We should never be scared to use it.

Miss R: What music did you listen to growing up?

Wow there are a few! I remember hearing Roxanne Shante, Bizmarkie, Fresh Prince, Kool Moe Dee, Rakim, NWA, Ghetto Boys, Beastie Boys Busta Rhymes, Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Wu Tang and of course 2 Pac and Biggie .

I could go on and on!

Miss R: Who are your top 3 hip hop artist?

Lol, That's not as easy as it sounds. Hmmm, I'd say Krs1, 2 Pac and Biggie.

Miss R: What's your favourite lyric?

Wow, there's to much to mention! I couldn't possibly mention just one. The one tune that's always in my head is Onyx "For The Love Of Money". It's such a powerful tune to me.

Miss R: How are you different to any other artists?

I'm not restricted by what I say at all. I bridge all era's of Hip Hop since da eighties. Which gives me my own style of flow and range. But the main thing for me that makes me different is that I don't ride a beat! I put da beat on and wear it like a coat! I become one with the beat and become just another instrument.

Miss R: Looking back from when you first started to now, how have you developed?

Having bridged old skool to the new skool and to this current Trap era, I have evolved my own skills and deliverance, but I have still kept my authentic roots.

Miss R: What are your thoughts on the music currently played on the radio? Do you find it hard as a independent artists to get the exposure you deserve?

My thoughts on Commercial hip hop at the moment is one of disgust.

To be honest, the rap game has been going of course for a while now. Hardly surprising though, considering who owns all the major labels and the agendas they have.

Yes, it's hard getting exposure by big companies, but it's always has been that way. I will say this, I listen to a lot more unsigned rappers and groups these days, as they're the ones making music I can relate to.

Miss R: Are there any other creative avenues you want to explore?

I like to collaborate with other artist and genres. So I think you'll be seeing JC on a lot of different projects over the next year. Watch this space.

Miss R: You have your own studio 'Shogun Productionz' and you also work with young upcoming artist...How did that come about?

I built my own studio in the late 90s. I was tired of paying extortionate prices per hour. Funny thing is I spit a 16 in one or 2 takes, but my group would take longer. We were essentially loosing money. So I decided to invest in equipment myself and in 1999 Shogun Productionz was born.

Miss R: What are you working on right now?

I'm currently working on a short album and I also have a few more video releases for this year.. So stay tuned, all exciting stuff!

Miss R: Are there any artist/ producer you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Dr Dre as a producer! Defo one of the best ever. Artist wise Redman, Method, Da Brat, Cannibus, Sticky Fingers.

Miss R: Who else in the Birmingham music scene is hot right now?

Meeks is tuff! He doing his thing, wish him all the best. ShogunKnightsz is young and upcoming group of soloists I work with. Farrel Don is a veteran like myself and deserves recognition for what he's done. Jimmie Black is a talented singer, he doing his thing.

Miss R: Do you have any shows/Tours planned?

I took the last year out from doing shows and touring. Been quite a hectic year in my personal life, so did a lot of changing and rearranging. I guess it will all reflect in my music that's yet to come.

Miss R: Anything else you would like to add?

Yeah I'd just like to say to all the true hip hop heads.. Keep hip hop real! To yourself foremost and then to your audience. We have an obligation a code to follow. Hip hop comes from the heart NOT a love of money! 99% of the people we intended to be listening to our music ARE NOT living champagne lifestyles, dealing drugs, or shooting people. Oh and another thing, be careful of rappers who are created by major labels to influence you!

Blessings Jessuss

Jessuss C Jackson Ft. TrzL - Check Da Swag


Love this! "Mood Swings" Revo ft. Jessuss C Jackson

Miss R: Thank you JC!

Check out JC's Links below!






Reminiss - The Revolt (Freestyle)

I'm hearing a lot of good music from Manchester and Reminiss is another gem from the city.

Check out his freestyle. "The Revolt" produced by @ATillymanny


NEW MUSIC Mic Audio - "Keeng Kobrah" ft. Kid Boombox

Mic Audio of the Stereo Boyz brings a new video ft Kid Boombox (also from the Stereo Boyz ) for his single "Keeng Kobrah" from his upcoming project "Hometown Advantage"

Pre Order "Hometown Advantage" by Mic Audio & producer Matcey P
out 30th September 2014


Saturday, 23 August 2014


I'm loving the sounds from London's music producer Crow Beats.

I've pick out my top tracks from his collection.

This "Jedi" beat is my fave!! check him out for yourself!

"Hype Ting"

"Illa Kush"


Friday, 15 August 2014

Malice & Mario Sweet - Enjoy:Like:Love

I love this couple...Their music is AMAZING!!!! So funky, so soulful and so addictive.

Have a listen for yourself. Enjoy: Like: Love.



New Music: Lex Flowers ft. Richard Osborne - Truth Be Told

Lex Flowers (one half of the Duo De'vide) brings you his latest solo release 'Truth Be Told'. He has recruited fellow Ipswich Artist Richard Osborne to feature on the record. Production by Kayzee, the Luton born / Ipswich based Producer has various accolades to his name, including winning a remix competition of Rudimental record 'Baby'

Check it out!
"Truth Be Told" 

Download> http://www.audiomack.com/song/richard-osborne/truth-be-told-ft-richard-osborne-1




Sunday, 10 August 2014

NEW MUSIC - Grafter

"Lifestyles Of The Young Broke & Nameless" is the upcoming mixtape from the London rapper Grafter which is due for release in October.

Have a listen to 'Gratitude' I'm loving the soulful beat on this. I am excited to hear what's next from him. 

Another nice track for the ears.
 'Epiphany Part Deux' Feat. Kieron Boothe check it out.

Check out his soundcloud



Miss Radcliffe Meets......Junior X

Reggae artist Junior X  took some time out to have a little chat with me.

Miss R: You have always had a love for music since your days in the School Choir. When did you know you wanted to pursue it as a career?

I knew I wanted to Peruse music the minute I found myself feeling uncomfortable doing anything else. The passion and the drive was too strong not to follow.

Miss R: Where do you get your song writing inspiration? What is your usual song writing process?

My inspiration for writing a song comes from various mean, as reasons to write is all around. I have no specific process of writing, I just flow with the vibe I feel at the moment while being attentive to my surroundings as it speaks volumes.

Miss R: Which one of your songs means the most to you?

Most might think "Plead My Cause" would be most important because its my I.D song but as Important as it is from time to time, pending on situations and cases of relation, other songs that I do comes in handy and rules the moment because all my songs speaks on different aspects of life.

Miss R: Who was your main influence growing up?

My influence was mainly music itself. The melody, the way a singer brings emotion from a song and the lyrics are very impacting on me, quite a few artist have that skill and those are the ones I listened to, mostly to polish my own art form.

"Gangsta Life" (I LOVE this song)

Miss R: You have been in the music industry for a long time. How have you developed as a artist and performer? Is there anything you would do differently? 

I can say I've come a long way in music and I've have done some impressive songs, with a lots more to come.  That means a lot to people. I'm proud of the fact that this journey was worth it and I still give it my best shot every time.

Miss R: What has been your biggest achievement?

I've achieved lots in music and I think my biggest achievement is yet to come because it keeps getting better and better.

Miss R: Which producer or artist would you like to work with in the future?

I think variety spices up your life. Every artist has their own flavour, so for me it's not about who I work, it's more like what I  can work with in order to bring about that satisfaction to for the fans, for example the combination I did with Queen ifrika called "Look No Further" ,"Destiny" with Gyptian and "You Saved Me" with Alborosie all those songs compliment each other.

"Destiny" Gyptian & Junior X

Miss R: Tell me about your new album?

The new album is on its way and from the energy I and my team are putting in, it is geared for success. I've recorded quite a few solo tracks and contemplating a few collabs. The name and date of release is not confirmed as yet, but my fans have always trusted me to bring quality music to the table.

Miss R: Do you have a tour coming up?

I have a tour coming up which will take me to United States, parts of the Caribbean then ending up in Europe ,starting the last week of August through to October.


Thursday, 7 August 2014


I recently downloaded 'Reciting Rainbows' by UK Hip Hop artist Alim Kamara.

I am a few years late with this one but I'm glad I have it now. Love it!!

If you haven't yet heard this I urge you to check him out
and make sure you download your FREE copy from the link below!

I've picked out my top tracks



ESCAPE feat. Sharlene Hector

Also..Alim will be performing LIVE Monday 11th Aug @ The Jazz CafĂ© along with Usifu Jalloh  & the lovely Dionne Ried promising you a night of Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, blues, Jazz and Spoken word.

Get tickets here > http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/Surge-Live-with-Alim-Kamara-tickets/artist/5142193





Sunday, 3 August 2014

I Love Me Some Old Skool!!

I've just been jammin' to some oldies today.

Tom Brown- 'Funkin For Jamacia'
If you don't feel great after hearing this, there must be something wrong with you. Instant mood booster song. LOVE IT!!!

Dennis Brown- 'To The Foundation'
YES!!! The prince of Reggae. Dennis Brown. Sing along...

"I've got to get myself together, yes, Can't afford to let my faith go, you know, Whenever Jah sun comes a shining, And my sisters are all smiling,
No one is dying, my people aren't crying......"

Colonel Abrams - 'Trapped'
I remember doing the shoulder dance moves haha...I also really loved his jacket. #Fashion

Sylvia Tella- 'In A Special Way'
Ok, this takes me back to the Reggae Revival nights. Ahhh....Good times.

Jade- 'Don't Walk Away'
This is my favourite song EVER!!! I used to dress like them too. (I'm still rocking the braids) :-)

Saturday, 2 August 2014

MOBO UnSung 2014 finalist Olivia-Louise

Big up Olivia-Louise !!

You should all know by now Olivia is one of my fave girls.

She is one of the 20 finalist for the MOBO UnSung 2014. Give her a vote by clicking the link below.

Much Love. xoxo

vote for Olivia-Louise.