Wednesday, 30 March 2016

HISTORY IN THE MAKING.....Noah Jones #Mr200

International hip hop artist, Noah Jones has worked with some amazing people throughout his career, from Crooked I of Slaughterhouse, Nipsey Hussle, Jay Rock and Dr Dre! (and more) 
Those already familiar with Noah will know his work ethic and determination is undeniable.
He's has a movie about his career which is due for release sometime this year and features top artist such as J.Cole and Ice Cube.
But that's not all..Noah Jones aka Mr.200 is a man with a vision and a plan. He wants to make his mark in history and that's exactly what he's doing.  

Around September 2015 He set himself the challenge to do 200 collaborations with artist/producers across the world, in less than a year.
(currently at 181 collabs as of 29th March 2016)

"I'm on a historic run to do 200 documented collabs in less than a year. It has never been done by a hip hop artist and I'm aiming to be the first." -Noah Jones

The best thing about his quest is WE can see it all happen live via Facebook.
If you 're someone who makes dope beats there may still be time to get involved and be part of something special. See links below to connect with Mr200 himself.

Tune in for the live stream via  and subscribe!!!

Noah Jones-'I'm A Fighter' (Theme Music for the MMA Fighter Walter Taylor)

Noah Jones- 'The Recently Deceased' Prod. Dr Dre 

Triple C's: 2Cups 4My Pain by M.O.B. Trey

Something to add to your collection. 'Triple C's: 2Cups 4My Pain' is the new album from hip hop artist M.O.B Trey available to download now via bandcamp



New Music: I Gotta Take Your Life by CASH

New video from New York hip-hop artist Cash

'I Gotta Take Your Life' - Cash prod. Max Dollas


TQ 'Coming Home' (REMIX) prod. by ThunderCatt

(photo taken from

Absolutely loving the new song 'Coming Home' (Remix) by TQ.
Shout out to the UK producer ThunderCatt!

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Monday, 28 March 2016

'Space Between The Heartbeats' EP by Patch

(pic taken from

No doubt about it, I'm a big fan of the music and poetry from Patch. 
His new project is a delight to listen to. 'Space Between The Heartbeats' is now sitting at the top of my favourites list. I was captivated from the moment I hit play.
The 5 tracks have that smooth, mellow, old skool vibe. You hear Patch open up about his thoughts and feelings, something we can all connect to as a listener.

"The Space Between The Heartbeats is a collection of songs I wrote for myself. It is my way of expressing the thoughts, feelings and experiences that aren't so easily seen on the surface" -Patch

This EP is amazing. I look forward to hearing so much more.

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M DOLLA ft Billy Da Kid 'Talk My Shit'

New video from M Dolla x Billy Da Kid 'Talk My Shit'

M Dolla's new album 'Million Dolla' is OUT NOW via the link below 

iTunes (UK)

iTunes (US)


NEW MUSIC: Insanity Genius by FES TAYLOR

New ep from the Staten Island hip hop artist Fes Taylor!
I must say this is another great piece of work. It takes a lot for me to listen to a whole EP/Album without skipping a track or two, but I really enjoyed what I heard. A big shout out to the producers on this.
There are some sick beats throughout. LOVE IT! 
Although I like all 8 tracks, I do have  my faves, 'Let's Talk About It' produced by Jimmy Neutron is a banger. Fes touches on some home truths on this track. I'm also lovin the old skool vibe on 'Lost & Found' produced by Falling Down.  

'Insanity Genius' gets a big thumbs up from me...But what do you think??
Hear it for yourself, listen to the sample below.

Be sure to get your copy!
'Insanity Genius' is out April 1st 2016.


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

RICO Freestyle - Sickflo

30 somethin' years in the business and still bringing the heat. The one and only Sickflo

'RICO Freestyle'

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Friday, 4 March 2016

Az Yet Returns 2016

(image by

It's a VERY exciting time for RnB lovers across the globe. Az Yet
(One of the best RnB groups from the 90's) are making a comeback!!
Group members: Marc Nelson, Kenny Terry, Dion Allen and Claude Thomas have been working hard to bring the fans something very special for 2016.
The Philadelphia group, who are best known for their hit songs 'Last Night' and 'Hard To Say I'm Sorry' (Chicago cover) will be releasing their new album very soon.. In the meantime check out the taster below and remind yourself what real music and great vocals sound like.

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New Music: 'This Thing of Ours' by Deezkid

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New music from producer/recording artist Deezkid!
'This Thing of Ours' is my new fave. I am definitely lovin' this oldskool hip hop sound. 
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'Perfect Timimg' by KEI STOakland

'Perfect Timing' is the new single from Hip Hop artist KEI STOkland. Taken from his upcoming mixtape "Acing Life" which will be released this month! 


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

'SPOOK' by Mic Audio x Dj Tj The King

(artwork taken from

MIC Audio of 'The Stereo Boyz' has something new for all you Hip Hop lovers.
11 quality tracks from his latest release entitled 'SPOOKS'
Click and download your free copy via bandcamp!