Thursday, 28 May 2015

"MDolla Vol 1" by Mic Check

Hip Hop Mic Check drops his mixtape "MDolla Vol 1" on Friday 29th May. Be ready to go get that via  

There have been occasions where I hear mixtapes and have to skip a track or two as I may only like a few songs but not this time. This is pure fire, definitely one for the Hip Hop Heads out there. Mic Check has a sick flow which compliments the beats he has chosen for this project.  If you are not familiar with him then get to know!!!

Track list
1.Meant For Me (Nipsey Hussle-Dont Take No Days Off)
2.Kilo Walking* (Rick Ross-Devil Is A Lie) ft Fes Taylor
3.False God (Drake-6God) ft Kayiner & Lot A Nerv
4.The Kick Back* (Kid Ink- Loaded) ft Fes Taylor & Nyce Da Future
5.No Co-Sign (Kendrick Lamar- The Recipe)
6.Machine Gun Etquette (Mobb Deep- Shook Ones)ft Nyce Da Future
7.Bring The Pain (Method Man- Bring The Pain)ft Kay-iner & Dini Dolla
8.Not Like Them (Bobby V-PBJ)
9.Good As Gold (ASAP Rocky- Angels)
10.Pop It (Big Sean-Alright)
11.5AM Freestyle (Logic-5am)
12.At The Table (Ghostface Killah- Mighty Healthy)
13.Comfortable Numb (Joell Ortiz-Bars) Ft Lot A Nerv
14.Fair Warning (Big Pun- Beware)
15.Chain Of Command(Lil Wayne-Break Up)
16.As Promised (Jay Z -Dynasty) ft Fes Taylor
17.Outro Flow (ASAP Rocky-Palace)

"Bring The Pain"

"At The Table"

"Pop It"


"Ghetto Boy" by Stephen "Ragga" Marley featuring Bounty Killer and Cobra

"Ghetto Boy, Ghetto Boy, The Story Of The Ghetto Boy...."
Yesssss! I love this! New track from Stephen Marley featuring Bounty Killer and Cobra.





Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Juliette Ashby 'Over + Over'

London singer-songwriter Juliette Ashby released her debut album ‘Over and Over’ this month. 'Grow Like A Seed' in the new single from the album.

There are plenty of head bopping tracks on this. My top picks are, 'Over + Over', 'Fire Breathe', 'Messin' Up The Sheets' and 'Mad' which features Da Brat!!

'Over + Over' is available via iTunes (click here!)

Also, you can look back at my interview with the lovely Juliette here!


Monday, 25 May 2015

New Music: 'Marmalade' by Cattfish

This funky track has me boppin my head this bank holiday Monday. Check out 'Marmalade' by emcee and producer Cattfish


Saturday, 23 May 2015

"Ragtime Hightimes" by CAMP LO prod. Ski Beatz

Legendary Bronx hip-hop duo Camp Lo are back with their new album "Ragtime Hightimes"
From what I've heard so far, all I can say is that this album is absolutely amazing!! I'm sure you will agree. The beats alone have my on some musical journey (Hi Five Ski Beatz) and of course Camp Lo droppin lyrics on top of that makes it all a piece of art. This will be timeless. 'Mean Joe, 'Time', 'Bright Lights', 'Black Jesus' and 'Life I Love' are my top tracks (thus far) I am just awaiting a physical copy. I'm all for download but I feel with this type of music I need to have the real thing!

You can get "Ragtime Hightimes" now from iTunes!!

Or pre-order a copy @ Amazon (UK)




Track List
1. Black Jesus
2. Sunglasses
3. It's Cold
4. Power Man
5. Sunshine
6. Gypsy Notes
7. Cold Retarded
8. Award Winning
9. Life I Love
10. Bright Lights
11. You
12. Mean Joe
13. Time 



New Music: 'LOOTCHINI' by Chris Rivers Feat. Denzil Porter

'LOOTCHINI' is the new track from Hip Hop artist Chris Rivers alongside Denzil Porter.
Taking the oldskool and making it brand new again with their version of Camp Lo's 'Luchini'





Friday, 22 May 2015

New Music: 'The Alarm' by Reminiss

Manchester Hip Hop artist Reminiss is soon to release his new EP 'The Destination' so keep a look out for that. Until then, check out his latest freestyle 'The Alarm'


New Music: 'Platonia' by Moteleola x Olivia Louise x Wade

My favourite dream team right here..Moteleola and Olivia Louise. Together they are the hit makers.
Check out the latest track 'Platonia'  featuring vocals from Wade.




Saturday, 16 May 2015

Miss Radcliffe Meets......CALI P

I had the pleasure of catching up with reggae artist, musician, singer/songwriter Cali P.

Miss R: Some of your musical influences are Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh & Bob Marley.. Growing up, what other genres of music did you enjoy? Who did you listen to?

Bless up Miss Radcliffe! Yes, it's really true. Bunny Wailer, Tosh, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Jacob Miller and Big Youth. But then other genres of music are there of course because I useed to hear a lot of African music. People like Salif Keïta, Fala..various people. I'm also influenced by my fathers music. It's like a cultural movement in Guadeloupe, and they make drum music. it's all about riddim' and the drum.
That's pretty much the music I grew up with. Of course Michael Jackson. I was a great Michael Jackson fan but Bob Marley was always my hero though. He was the number one.

Miss R: Your love for music is very strong. You started out very young. From playing the drums with your father as a baby to emcing with a sound system (Gideon Solders) as a teen. What inspires you to make music? What message do you want to give your fans?

Yes, that's right as well. I mean I love music because music was always with me from a very young age. I would just always see music building around me. Music recording around me, musical instruments being made around me. So it's something that itself inspired me the most.
To see my father building drums and selling them, putting on the TV and seeing somebody playing the drums it was just so familiar you know. Everything with music was always familiar to me.
Going to shows, spending hours just seeing people setting up the stage and checking the sound. Checking how the drummer  sits and beats the same drum for half an hour until the sound right. I think all these things really influence me in loving music the way I do. 
Where I take my inspiration now, to make my music is really in my everyday life. As in what I see around me, what I live, the conversations I have with my bredrins and sistrins. All these things really inspire me. I would say everyday life inspires me. And the message I want my fans to get from me would be, to keep focused. There are so many different messages. At the end of the day I could say "alright I want to point my people towards the almighty" because that's the first mission, It's not really to glorify Cali P. It's really to find the most high because that's who I sing about mostly.
So..One Love, Unity and Strength teach people, because I really believe that people can learn from music. So lyrics are really important! You can teach the people, teach the youths and teach the elders. For real!

Miss R: Is it true you recently made a song with Capleton? (exciting) :-)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!...It is very true. I recently just recorded a song with Capelton (It's not out yet) I can tell you I recorded it for Big League music. Seanie B from England. I am very,very excited about this song because I just went to link Capelton about it and from the start when he heard the riddim' he was ready and said, "OK Cali I believe that's our song", We wrote the song together and I'm really happy about it because Capelton is one of the artists I really looked up to from a young age, before I myself started to sing. I'm talking about when I was like 12 or 13. So to actually be able to make a song with that same man is a great honour to me.
Big Up Capelton!

Miss R:  Are there any other artist/producers you would like to work with in the near future?

There are a lot of artist and producers  I would like to work with in the near future. It's all about the music. Also, I can tell you, I like to do unexpected works. I like to work with people that would make you think "Yo, how come they're working together, They are not the same vibe" That is where music can surprise you, because music is one thing and personality is a next thing.
Some people make music and have a different personality from the music they produce. I recently recorded a song with Popcaan called "Upside Down" and it's something completely different. I went in to a electronics sound. That 'party'type song.  I wouldn't say that's my lifestyle but I love to make music and in music I'm unlimited.
So we did the song and it's doing really good right now. It came out and touched the charts in Switzerland and some other places.
Big Up DJ Vincz Lee who line up that Fire Fly that's the people I work with right now.
And in Jamaica, there are a lot of producers and artist that I still have yet to work with and those I've worked with already, I'm waiting for the songs to released.

Vincz Lee feat Popcaan, Cali P, FireFLY & Riga - Upside Down (Lyric Video)

Miss R: I hear you are a good skier! What else do you like to do for fun?

Actually, It's really funny because I'm out so much with the music, when I don't have a show or anybody to meet in relation to music, I don't really go out.
That's the time I use to study, read, listen to other peoples music and really meditate and spend time with my bredrins and sistrins. I love conversation. I love to bun ganja and hold a vibe

And yeah I can ski, It's been a long time though. I love traveling. I love to see different places and I'm thankful that the music has made it possible for me to travel and to discover that love of traveling and seeing different cultures, hearing different dialects, seeing different people, different movements and lifestyles. I love that.

Miss R: 'Healing Of The Nation' is your latest EP. I especially love "My Home" "Wah Gwann" & "Bed of Roses" Do you have a favourite track?

Yes! I would say "Healing Of The Nation" is overall my favourite project at the moment because it really reflects Cali P at this stage right now. I want to make healing music. I wanna make music that will strengthen the people, that will uplift the people make them improve in their everyday life. So for that, they need solutions. For that they need love, for that they need positive input. So I cannot say which song is my favourite because really and truly all these nine songs on "Healing Of The Nation" are my favourite songs that I made specially for that project. I could of added other songs as well, but I really chose those nine because every one has a different focus and a different topic.

Also, I chose specially NOT to put a ganja song on this time because everybody knows Cali P is a ganja man and everybody knows ganja is the healing of the nation but I also believe that music is the healing of the nation because it's universal and it unites the people. It's for everyone. Everyone in this world needs music and makes music in a certain way. if it's only even to clap ya hand or hum a melody. Everybody is connected to music.

Cali P - Healing Of The Nation (HEMP HIGHER / ICEDROP REC 2014)

Miss R: Are you working on a new album? If so,when do you expect to release it?

Yes. I'm always working on a new album. In general I'm always recording, always writing music and always making music. I'm working on a album with Bobby Digital entitled 'Musiclali Speaking'. I don't have a release date for it but I know it's in the works. I also work with other people from Jamaica to Sweden to England..All over the place. There are albums being created. So I can't tell you any release date and I don't know exactly how I'm going to do it. If I am just gonna put out one album now and then wait 3 years to release the next one, Or if I'm just gonna get all crazy and put out 5 albums in one year lol. I really don't know yet, but you can definitely expect a lot of work from Cali P.

Miss R:Where has been your favourite place to perform? Where would you like to perform next?

I love to make music and I love to perform wherever it may be.
But if you ask me like that, I think the first place I would think about is Africa to tell you the truth. Just because when I performed there the first time in 2004, I was in Gambia, that still at the beginning of my music career, 11 years ago. When we played there and when I touched the microphone ,that was the first time I saw a place turn upside down and getting crazy! The moment I touched that mic and said two words the place jus' mash up. I saw the place was in a very different vibe. Fire was blazing, security left the door and running around just being happy. It was the craziest show I ever saw definitely.

So Big Up all my Gambia family for giving me so much love. It was very needed and I think it really gave me the strength to go on the road I'm on right now and to know my mission.
Where would I like to perform next? I mean, I'm open to the world everywhere. I don't say "oh I like there more, or there or there". I love everywhere because we do it for the people. And the people are the four corners of the world!
I would love to go to Australia and  tour more in the US, Canada, The islands.
Miss R: So...When will you next be in the UK?

I'll be in England at the JAZZ CAFE in London on the 25th May. I'm performing there live with Randy Valentine for his "Still Pushing" EP. alongside Dionne Reid & General Levy. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to England. I'm gonna spend a couple days in London recording, creating and visiting family.

Wah Gwaan 

Miss R:  What has been your biggest achievement in your career?

I'm thinking right now..I think every time I write a song it's an achievement. It's like meditation put to paper to build a song. I love that process.
As far as a statistics, If I put out a album or a single and I see it goes to number one that is nice but It's not really what I pay attention to. If I went somewhere and the show was sold out or there wasn't many people, that's not the things I pay attention to.
I think the biggest achievement in general for me, is to be able to live from my music. A lot of people can't do that and would love to. I'm just thankful that. It's a blessing!

United We Stand


Miss R: I've watched you in a few interviews and you are always smiling and come across as a very positive person. What makes Cali P happy?
There are a lot of things that actually make me happy. Everyday life, waking up in the morning. That's itself makes me happy. I give thanks for that. Simple things make me happy. Good conversations, good vibes, music, woman can make me happy ,definitely. Everyday life makes me happy.
Miss Radcliffe just made me happy with this nice interview. Big Up yaself!

Much Love Cali!!

 You can get Healing Of The Nation via iTunes by clicking here

New Music: "Back Against The Wall" by Dionne Reid

Listen to the beautiful voice of Dionne Reid. "Back Against The Wall" is her new song and I adore this, I'm sure you will too.

"A conversation with my heart in song form. I battled with my emotions while recording this and at times they won as you can hear but that's all apart of the journey." Dionne Reid

Friday, 15 May 2015

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Cadeem

Introducing Cadeem, Hip Hop artist from Little Rock, Arkansas. USA.
I heard a couple tracks from his "On Earth As Is...(?)" mixtape and well, you all should know by now if I like what I hear I share it.

Rigamortis (Kendrick Lamar Response)

Miss R: Growing up, what type of music did you listen to?

Growing up I listened to Jazz pretty much as a kid. I found hip hop on my own when I was older. I started listening to more artists like Ludacris, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Chamillionaire, etc. I eventually started listening to more "Conscious" music as I got even older. That caught my attention more than anything and it made me more aware of my surroundings. (Immortal Technique, Slum Village, Killer Mike, MF Doom, Blackstar, Ras Kass, etc.)

Miss R: Tell me how it all started for you. When did you first start rapping and writing lyrics?

I been rapping basically all of my life. I started off in elementary school. But, I stopped because I didn't like myself. I didn't like what I heard. I heard everyone else but me. This feeling continued on through high school until one night I decided to take it more serious. In high school, I learned that I ACTUALLY could rap, and in college I realized that I really could do this as a career if I stay focused.
Miss R: How would you describe your style?

I would describe it definitely out of the box. I know that may sound like something everyone else would say but I feel that my music can speak for itself. I bring another perspective that not many others may take under consideration. I try to be relatable with certain subject matters but at the same time I like to challenge my people to think, imagine, and be spiritually aware, and understand that there is more to life than just their own.


Miss R: Who/What has been your main musical inspiration?

It's kind of a funny story... Early on, I always wanted to make my style a jazz/hip hop fusion. But, when I bought an album from The Roots ("Do You Want More?!!!??!"), and the first track comes on and I immediately hear, "You are all about to witness some organic hip hop/ jazz," my first thought was, "Fuck..."  That was my love-hate moment with them. I have also been inspired by a poet by the name of Black Ice. I'm also inspired by being around like-minded people.

Miss R: What reaction have you had from people in your home town, are they supportive of your music?

Not really. I actually have more fans out of state than my own hometown. However, my support system who are in state but aren't from there originally whenever they get a chance to go to their hometown, they spread the word about me and my music.

Miss R: "In A World To Come" is your new project. What can your fans expect from this?

You can expect more maturity compared to my previous work. In my last project "On Earth As Is...(?)" I was a "rapper. In this project, I'm more of a musician.
I bring actual instrumentation and musicianship along with poetry to this project. I wanted my true love for music and art to be expressed more in this project. You can download "In a World To Come..." on,,,, and I will also have physical copies so if you want one, DM me on social media and I will mail it to you  wherever you are. It should be out late May or early June of 2015!!!!! 

"Take Me Back"

Miss R: What other projects are you working on?

I'm currently working on a duel EP with a friend from my hometown named Dada entitled "Great MXNDS", which is expected to come out later this year. Also I am working on another duel EP with my friend and leader of my rap crew INK GANG named M.O.B Trey. The EP is entitled, "H.O.G. (Hand of God)", which will be out later this year as well. Also with that I am working on my next solo project that will be out in 2016.

Miss R: Have you had the opportunity to perform much, do you have any shows coming up?

I will be performing this Summer in Chicago, Dallas, my hometown Little Rock and Pine Bluff so look out world!!!

Miss R: Where do you want your music to take you? What is your ultimate goal?

Good question. I would like to go as far as receiving Grammy nominations for my work. I want my music to take me all around the world because of the universal message in it.

Miss R: Are there other artists/producers you would like to work with in the future?

The producers that I would like to work with would be of course J. Dilla, if he was still here. Also I would like to work Alchemist, AraabMUZIK, Pete Rock, and C.L. Smooth. N.E.R.D., Mali Music, Big K.R.I.T., Black Milk, 9th Wonder, Terrace Martin and Soundwave. Artists I would like to work with would be Rapsody, Pro Era, any T.D.E. artist, Nas, Common, Yasiin Bey, Chance The Rapper, Tech N9ne, Vince Staples, Odd Future, Erykah Badu, Jay Electronica, Phonte, Lalah Hathaway, Elzhi, anyone from Slaughterhouse, Gwen Bunn, and Lupe Fiasco.
Miss R: Are you familiar with any UK artist? If so who are you a fan of?

Not really. I'm more into the battle scene when it comes to UK artists. My favourite UK battlers are Eurgh, Cruger, and, Shotty Horror.

 Miss R: What other interests do you have outside of music?

I'm a family guy. I'm not a dad or anything. I just like spending time with my family and loved ones. I also drink on rare occasions. I mean, I'm a simple guy!
Twitter: @Cadeem_1606
Soundcloud here.

'Masterpiece Theatre' by Tally P

Woah...How am I only just hearing this?!!. Check out Hip Hop artist Tally P

The two tracks below are taken from his mixtape 'Masterpiece Theatre' This mixtape is amazing I don't understand I've not come across this sooner. Better late than never right..?

'Do Me'

"So Cold" (God Bless)

Masterpiece Theatre Vol. III available for download via

I did some more digging and this guy has some fire on his soundcloud. Enjoy!

"What You Thought"  


   "Over Ya Head"


New Music: LÊFtbRÅin by So Realistic

I've been looking forward to this. So Realistic aka Reala the Hip Hop emcee from Arizona released his album 'LÊFtbRÅin' last week.
This is his debut solo project which features Fresco Fay, AEli, Quote, Fiero, & Mic Maven to name a few.

"It's really just an autobiography of sorts. My LeftBrain is my right hand, which is just a transmission of my soul"- So Realistic

 "The Godfather" (prod. Oddisee)


Hip Hop Heads will love this.


Thursday, 14 May 2015

New Music: 'Werewolf In Staten' by Fes Taylor

I listened to "Werewolf In Staten' the new mixtape by Fes Taylor.
If you're already aware of his music then you should know he is definitely someone who puts the work in.

I can tell this will be a classic.  
One may even suggest this is a masterpiece. It's very well put together.
Every track is a killer! Punchy lyrics, sick beats and great production throughout.
There are a few features on the mixtape too, from Nyce Dafuture, Lot A Nerv, Pretty Boi Green, Mic Check (also a fan of his work) and Donna M from Black Ink.

Here is the track List. (* Miss Radcliffe top tracks)
   1. I'm A Bastard
   2. Uptown Train To Harlem*
   3. Three Card Molly
   4. Give Up The Goods
   5. G's Up*
   6. Doo Doo
   7. Take it In Blood
   8. Oceans
   9. Lituation
   10. You Don't Know
   11. How I Did It 
   12. Only 2
   13. How Bout Now*
   14. Uh Ohhh
   15. Still Kill
   16. Blood of the goat
   17. I Really Mean It
   18. Fountain Of Youth* 

Have a look at some of the vids for this project by Black Out City films.


G's Up  

Fountain Of Youth 

Three Card Molly

How I Did It

Keep a look out for 'Werewolf In Staten' coming soon via 



Miss Radcliffe Meets......Normanton Street

I love it when I find new talent. I don't know how but I'm glad I did.
Normanton Street are a group of Brighton based musicians, bringing much flavour with a fusion of Hip Hop, Soul and Spoken word.

Pic taken from

Miss R: So..Ned, Nicholson & Phoebe, How did you all meet? 

Nicholson: Me and Ned grew up together. We met Phoebe via a mutual friend that worked in a bar she used to work at. We all went for a drink at Vodka Revolution on the infamous West Street in Brighton, my mate was like 'Phoebe's a really good singer'. She sang. I was like 'yo we gotta work on some tunes together'.
PhoebeIn Vodka Revolutions on a Sunday night!!

Miss R: Where did the name Normanton Street come from? 

Nicholson: Its where we lived when we first got to Brighton. Shouts to the Elm Grove ends.
Ned: Yeah man, on No. 1, we played on a roof during a street party there one time. It'd be ace to do that again.
PhoebeThat was before my time!

Miss R: How would you describe your music style?

Nicholson: Not sure specifically but somewhere between hip-hop, soul, jazz
PhoebeIt is a blend of all of our influences, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, Funk, whatever we are inspired by!

'Rakim (The 26th Year)'

Miss R: Who did you listen to growing up? 

Nicholson: Wu-Tang, MF Doom, Nick Drake, Beirut, Fela Kuti, Michael Jackson
PhoebeA lot of strong female soul singers, I looked up to them a lot.
Ned: I listened to a lot of Grime growing up. Wiley, Dizzee Rascal and Skepta. It was ace to hear British accents, I could relate to it much more easily than the US Rap that was on MTV BASE.

Miss R: You have a EP out now "Much Respect" Which song from that EP is your favourite to perform? 

Nicholson: Its tough. Both 'Rakim' and 'New Dawn'. That's when we change gear.
Ned: 'Grass is Greener'
PhoebeIt changes every time!


Miss R: What is the creative process likes? Do you each have a different role in the group?

Nicholson: Not really. Either me, Ned or Phoebe will come up with an initial groove, lyric, riff, bassline etc and then we'll work with our drummer on the percussion.

Miss R: I also had a listen to your EP Phoebe, "The Phoebe Freya" I absolutely love it!!my type of music..soulful and your voice is amazing.  What was the inspiration behind that? 

Nicholson: Writing those songs was real soon after the Revolution episode so we were all super excited and writing new stuff at a crazy rate. I think the inspiration was a combination of Phoebe's voice and jazz chords.
PhoebeThank you! There isn't a single inspiration for my vocal style, and it’s still growing and changing all the time, I used to listen to a lot of Nina Simone, but then also a lot of 90’s RnB so that’s where it all started.  
Ned: Phoebe came through with a new energy - we had to name something after her. I showed her the chords to 'Take A Walk' and 'You Know You Are' she wrote the lyrics far too quick. I was like YO.

Take A Walk With Me- The Phoebe Freya EP

Miss R: I see you are busy with shows at the moment up and down the UK...Are you working on a new album/EP to follow?

Nicholson: Yeah we're currently recording the album with a variety of producers. Its really good seeing how different producers work.

Miss R: Are there any artists / producers who you would like to work with in the future?

Nicholson: Madlib, DOOM, Mike Skinner, RZA
PhoebeJill Scott and Mark Ronson are up there!
Ned: Skepta and Soweto Kinch

Miss R: You have your own record label QM Records. Congratulations. That's a good look. How did that come about? 

Nicholson: Its something we've wanted to do for a very long time. The night before dropping our third EP 'MOVES' we established QM Records and have been working with plenty of artists and putting on a lot of shows with bands and DJ'ing too.

Miss R: Which other artists do you have under your label?

Nicholson: We're currently working on our first compilation which features 14 different artists, once this is released we might look into signing more artists. At the moment, its just us.
Ned: The only non Normanton Street release has been an EP by poet Tommy Sissons called Etchings. We're just looking to use QM as a platform to showcase dope artists we come across.

Miss R: Do you get a lot of support from the people in your home town? 

Nicholson: Yeah we do from Bradford which is lovely. People from years ago have started checking us out online and showing a lot of love and support which is real nice.
PhoebeBrighton, is very full of creative people especially bands, you would think this would make a very competitive environment but it feels very supportive! Like we’re all starting out together.

Miss R: What are the future plans/goals for Normanton Street? 

Nicholson: We love making new music and constantly playing live so loads more of that in general. Getting the album out towards the end of this year is something we're focusing on.
PhoebeCarry on making music that we love for as long as possible
Ned: It'd be sick to reach levels where we release something that can touch a lot of people

Miss R: Do you have any other interests/talents outside of music? 

Nicholson: I'm trying to learn Spanish at the moment. Before I started playing in the band I used to take pictures and draw quite a lot. Still love it but I don't have as much time to do it at the moment.
PhoebeI love painting, I need to get back into that one day.

Bandcamp -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Label -

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Aaron London

After obsessing over the song "Whatever U Need" I had to see who was behind it. So, I caught up with the multi talented singer/songwriter, rapper and producer Aaron London!

His debut album "The Art of Procrastination" is out now via iTunes
(Go get that NOW!)
Miss R: When did this musical journey all start for you?

It started from early, I started by creating parody raps in primary.  I would find a popular hip hop song's lyrics and change the words to create a funny version of the  song and perform it live. Although this was not serious I would say this was where I began.
Miss R: Growing up, what genre of music did you listen to?

Boney M was the only album in my house when I was growing up. in 2000 I got my first computer and I started listening to music online. Being from East I was exposed to Grime from a young age but I listened to a lot of 90s R&B, Soul and Funk

Miss R: For those who may not have heard your music, how would you describe your style?

I would call it "Progressive/ Future R&B"

Miss R: You also produce your own music...are there any other artist you would like to produce a track for?

Nao, Goldlink, Waldo and JMSN

Miss R: "Art of Procrastination" is out now I heard the track "We Keep Movin" with Kieron Boothe and "Whatever U Need" instantly loved the vibes and sound. What reaction/feedback have you had for this album?

It's been received very well even though it's tough one to listen to if you only like an album to have one sound. but I've made it this way intentionally to showcase that good music does not derive from one genre.

Miss R: What is your favourite song from your album?

If I had to pick one it would be P. Y. P (Play Your Position) 
I love the energy.

Miss R: Do you have any shows/tour plans?

plan to do some live performances in the summer, but stay tuned to my Twitter  @Aaron_London
for info.  

Miss R: Are you working on any other projects right now?

I am currently working on two. The first project will be a short EP collaborating with Ozzie who produced "Got Love"  &  "Days in the West" and the second will be a socially conscious story based album it will feature a couple well known artists and like TAOP it will carry a message.
Miss R: What's your future plans/goals?
I am also currently building my independent label 'HIIPOWER' that will sign creative individuals from Artists, photographers, graphic designers to producers and vocal producers I then plan to establish the label/movement as a strong brand that can be identified by the masses and then branch into the fashion and art.