Sunday, 18 June 2017

Sequence EP by Margo Theory

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Introducing the very talented violinist, music producer and creator.. Margo Theory.
She recently released her very first EP
(done completely on her own) 'Sequence'
I really, really LOVE this EP and think everyone should click download this gem and treat the ears to some sweet vibes.

'The Sequence EP was a journey. From beginning to end, lessons were learned, problems were solved, frequencies were explored, mistakes were made. There were painful breakdowns and triumphant breakthroughs. Deep moments of doubt and depression. Feelings of fear and solitude. Confusion. Learning curves. Pure and utter determination. There was a lot of time spent cutting through thickets of unknown digital and sonic lands. A way had to be made. A path had to be blazed in order to get through to the other side. Although Sequence is imperfect, it was through the imperfections that peace was found within the project. When you've done the best you could possibly do, at your current stage, with your current resources, the next step is to accept your creation for what it is...the highlights and the shadows. Fall in love with what you've done.' Margo Theory

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Introducing, Atlanta singer, songwriter EMMA...
Love the vibes and voice. Check out her soundcloud!!!

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*beats for both tracks

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Clarity by So Realistic feat. Melanie Rutherford

New music from So Realistic featuring Melanie Rutherford


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Written by So Realistic & Melanie Rutherford
Produced by iLL Brown (of TeamBackPack)

Miss Radcliffe Meets......SharLeReign

Introducing singer, songwriter, dancer and model Sharlene Rainey aka SharLeReign....

Miss R: When did your interest in music begin?

This began in my mothers womb... her passion was Diana Ross.  My gran would catch her in the early hours of the morning sneaking downstairs listening to her on Vinyl. My gran would run her back to bed haha. So, the fact that I now do a Diana Ross & Motown tribute is just awesome!
In my toddler years,  I would listen to whatever my mum played including artists like;
Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Alexander O'Neil, Janet & Michael... the list is endless.
I have a memory of when I was 4 years old, my father had just left and abandoned me for good. I would sing 'I Miss You Like Crazy' by Natalie Cole for weeks at the window waiting for him to come back.

Diana Ross & Motown tribute

Miss R: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Primarily my Mother. She started it and I finished it [lol] my mum was always singing before her vocal chord paralysis.
I also draw my inspiration from my grandmother, she was always singing operatically (soprano) while washing dishes and doing housework. If she had a spare moment her nose was always in a hymn book. She prophesied over my life when I was a young child... she said "you're a songwriter".. and now I have 2 albums worth of lyrics.. Thanks Gran! 
As an adolescence, I was into the usual popular music in the charts, plus all the great black legends I'd been exposed too.
As I matured into a woman I started to get very deep in to the classic legends of Jazz. Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald.
I LOVE ALL Music so it's hard to a draw a select few. I now currently love to listen to the Gospel Queens Mary Mary and CeCe Winans.

Miss R: You're not only a singer, but also a songwriter (as your grandmother predicted)...Do you have a set formula when creating new songs?

No not at all.. I will endure/ pass through something in life, grab a pen when the words enter my mind and start writing. I have never written to a beat. I'll just have a melody that I can't get out of my in essence. life in general.

 Miss R: What were the last 3 songs you listened to? 

(1) Shackles- Mary Mary
(2) Yesterday Mary Mary
(3) Mercy Said NO CeCe Winans

Miss R: Which other singer/producer would you like to work with in the future? 

I have always dreamed of working with artists like Pharrell Williams and John Legend. I remember when John Legends debut album 'Get Lifted' came out in the UK around 12-13 years ago and he had a gig in a nightclub in Hull. I surprised my boyfriend of the time (who was obsessed by him) with tickets. It was a great night!

Miss R: So, talent wise you're a mixed bag. You sing, act, dance and model. Looking back to when you first started out in the entertainment industry,
how have you developed as a creative artist? And what lessons have you learned on your journey so far?

Good Question... as an artist I have become more empowered; I trust my own judgement. I no longer look to please others and now feel ready to work internationally. The lessons that I have learnt are as follows.
1. Revenge belongs to GOD!
2. Thick skin is essential and thin skin must grow quickly and become thicker... safe to say I now have thick skin. There is no room for sensitivity as it can break not only your confidence but you as an individual! Your not always going to be 'what their looking for'. 
3. Put laughter in your mouth and move on. Don't dwell!
4. Never beg for anything.
5. Let the Lord lead the way, He is the driver, not me! 
6. Some friends will not like me for what I'm doing and they will soon become haters which is fine - I'm cool with that!
7. There are many fake producers, casters and directors - not all mind but many so aspiring artists must be aware and cautious. 
8. Smile, it's a journey so enjoy it!

Miss R: You're about to release your new album next month. Tell me more!! What's the name, vibe and story behind it?

YES - so Excited!! The name SharLeReign (business/brand name) derived from the 1st half of my name SharLe(ne) and my surname is Rainey.... so, I changed the Rain part to Reign and added a crown.... clever hey?!
The album is simply 'Rain Vs Reign' the journey, the struggle and the transition from the storm to the throne kinda thing. It took 7 years to write my life experiences,  so yeah I've always been an open book and I'm extremely excited.
I'm sure many people, whatever music they're into will get something from it lyrically. There is no set genre, from commercial to funk, to R&B and yeah its cool man.
I'm very happy with it, although it was recorded almost a year ago and since then I've quit smoking and alcohol, so my vocals are a million times better now. What do the kids say "On Fleek!"  Haha!  My voice has progressed from a husky raspy sound to a silky smooth one. I keep saying to my future husband that I wish I could record it again, but he tells me it will show my progression.
Thank God I'll be singing LIVE on the Launch! Haha! 

Miss R: What message do you want your fans to take from your music?

Life can sometimes be hard and challenging but, no matter happens you can and will get through it!
Have faith! There will be trials an tests when sometimes you think your world will end and you cannot go on... but you can.
Stay strong and remain faithful and the storm will pass! 

Miss R: What other interest outside of music do you have?

Gym, Spas, Restaurants, Theatres and reading the Word! 

Miss R: What's your life motto?

This has been on my business cards since day 1... its in my business plan from 2013...
"Some WANT it to happen, Others WISH it would happen... I MAKE it Happen"