Monday, 30 November 2015

Olivia Louise X Gautier - 'Star Stuff' EP

I've been waiting so long for this. Singer/songwriter Olivia Louise just dropped her debut EP with French producer Gautier 'Star Stuff' check it out!!! 

(photo by Sarah Harvey)


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Radames

Any artist looking for beats with that 'Golden Era' sound should link up with this guy right here.
Hip hop producer Radames from Harlem has got the goods.

Miss R: When did you get into the art of producing?

I got in to production around 8 years ago or so. I've always had an interest in making music this way, but didn't have the right tools to do so. I was also playing in multiple bands back then. so that took up quite a bit of my time.

Miss R: What was the first song you produced?

Oh wow! Haha. The first song I produced was a track called "Bringing The Hood Back". I barley knew how to use the program, but I just kind of threw things together and I liked how it turned out. But it was definitely very premature. Haha

"Bringin The Hood Back"

Miss R: Who influenced your passion for music?

Definitely my family. My mom, aunt, grandmother and grandfather were major music heads. In to everything from Spanish music, hip hop, new wave.
I carry that with me till this day, and my taste has just evolved since. I've always had an open mind for music. Being around music 24/7 because of them...they definitely influenced that passion big time! 

"New York Noire"

Miss R: How would you describe your sound?

I'd like to say my sound is reminiscent of the golden era of hip hop. I really do take a lot of influence from producers like DJ Premier, Kayne, back in his full time production days and Havoc of Mobb Deep. Those guys amongst others were always untouchable to me. I'd describe the sound of mellow and raw all at once.

Miss R: Do you rap/write of play any instruments?

I'm really good at rapping OTHER people's lyrics Hahaha. I mean, I have written some hooks here and there and I have fun doing it but, rapping isn't something I could ever master. I play the drums actually. I played in multiple hardcore punk and metal bands out here in NYC. Those were great times.

Miss R: What was the last song you listened to?

The last song I listend to was "So many times, So many ways" by Mount Kimbie, from your side of the pond actually. I REALLY love a lot of artist from the UK. Burial, Mount Kimbie, Skepta, Bega, James Blake...Just to name a few.

Miss R: What are you working on right now?

Right now, I'm actually working on a slew of new tracks that need to be finished. I have one or two new tracks to appear on Chelsea New York City rapper, Frank Castles new release. Due out soon entitled B.U.T.T.E.R.
A lot of great production on there and features by Joell Ortiz and a few others. Also a production by Statik Selektah who produces for Brooklyn's Joey Badass. So I'm very excited to be part of something like that.
I am also in the middle of recording my own drums tracks for newer instrumentals I have coming out soon. It's been a very productive last few months.
"Get Em Outta Here" by K.O.S (prod. by Radames)  


Miss R: Are there any artists you would like to work with in the future?

I would absolutely love to work with James Blake. Sg Lewis, If you haven't checked him out please do. His track 'Warm' is mind blowing as well as his other material. Joey Badass would be great. Kendrick Lamar....The list can go on. So much great talent, new and old from all over the globe.

"Livin' In The City"  


New Music: 'Boricua's Bond' by Frank Castle

Check out New York Hip Hop artist Frank Castle with his new single from the up coming mixtape "B.U.T.T.E.R" (listen out for that)

'Boricua's Bond' (Prod by Deem0)  

I highly recommend all you hip hop heads to check out his soundcloud. I found this track 'Born N Razed' and love it!!  The guy is a beast and I look forward to hearing more from him. 


Thursday, 19 November 2015

'The Recovery Tape' by Humphrey

Newsflash!!! I've just added 'The Recovery Tape' to my playlist. If you like soulful R&B, this is for you. This mixtape showcases the voice of French singer/songwriter Humphrey. It features a selection of cover songs of artists such as Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Frank Ocean and more. He definitely makes each track his own.

'The Recovery Tape' is available now to download (free) via

Humphrey - 'HAPPY' (Pharrell Williams)





Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Here is the debut EP 'ADOLESCENCE' from North London singer/song writer Latir with producer DA

"Adolescence is a collection of songs created by myself and producer DA, out of nothing but a youthful buzz and need to create and write" - Latir

This is a great collection of songs from Latir and I can't tell you enough how much I love this  EP.  I've re-played both tracks 3 -'Euphoria' and track 4-'Golden Gate', over and over.. I guess for now I can say they are my favourites

You can get 'Adolescence' now via bandcamp for just £3!

New EP 'Movement Music' by Black Stax

Cover by Chris Brummel 

Black Stax is back with a Rob Banks Beats produced project called, 'MOVEMENT MUSIC' the EP. This five (5) song EP shows the evolution of this duo, as they move into the next phase of their Musical Journey.

There are collaborations with the fabulous U.K. Emcee, Cyclonious and the spirit touching vocals of LaTanya 'Sistah Luv' Horace. With titles such as 'Exit US' , 'Driftin' , 'Tear', 'Leanin' and '99'.  It's sure to have you FEELIN' the Movement in your Body and Soul, while delivering strong messages of Empowerment over life's daily struggles, to maintaining a sense balance during these challenging times.

Check out two of the tracks from the EP below '99' and 'Leanin'
To get your copy of 'MOVEMENT MUSIC' visit 


Sunday, 15 November 2015

New Music: Take One by Children Of Zeus

(pic taken from

I'm always on the look out for great music and today I found these guys. Children Of Zeus!!
There have a nice collection of tracks. "Take One" is their latest track. 

.....I really like this soulful track "Still Standing"  
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#BMN Freestyle by J.Chambers

New freestlye from the Manchester Rapper J.Chambers.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

New Music: Green And Gold by Lianne La Havas

pic taken from

Lianne La Havas is a breath of fresh air. I'm completely in love with her songs 'Unstoppable' & 'Green And Gold' taken from her new album ‘Blood’ which is out now! You can download from iTunes: here.
from Amazon: here. 

and stream it on Spotify: here.

'Green And Gold'



'80's Baby' by Piers James

Introducing Piers James, the London rapper and producer who slots seamlessly into the mix with the likes of Little Simz and Jay Prince– rappers who are bringing high-quality, 90s-tinted rap back to the forefront of the UK scene. With the spotlight on emerging UK rap as never before on both sides of the Atlantic, Piers James again stakes his claim to his place in the burgeoning scene.
Already racking up critical acclaim from the likes of WONDERLAND, SBTV, COMPLEX and SABOTAGE TIMES for his previous work, the London rapper now comes through with his first release of 2015 in ‘80’s Baby’. The first track from his upcoming EP ‘Green Screens In Visible View’ Piers creates an authentic 90’s boom-bap style reminiscent of rappers like Curren$y: one that’s quickly becoming his calling card. The track produced by Jake Milliner, who's behind the classic golden-era sound of fellow top-tier UK artists Hawk House allows Piers to flow effortlessly. Smooth, dream-like hooks matched with a laidback, confident delivery makes Piers James’ return a welcome one.

'80's Baby'

Sunday, 1 November 2015


I LOVE these two women. I get excited when they drop a new track and 'Levels' is the latest. 
If you love a little 90s RnB, then this is for you. The Brownstone sample is a winner and I've got this on loop!!

Enjoy  "Levels" by Vanjess

Free download via soundcloud