Friday, 22 April 2016

EARTH STUFF by Olivia Louise x Question

Attention all music lovers!!! Today is the day Olivia Louise and ATL producer Question release their joint EP Earth Stuff.  This is the follow up to her debut
'Star Stuff' with producer Gautier. released back in November 2015.

 Artwork by Joey Cortez

I wrote 'Earth Stuff' for all the earthlings going through STUFF! our experiences here on earth , the highs , the lows , the journey , the process , its pretty much a diary of my life for the past few months! - Olivia-Louise

'Earth Stuff' will no doubt be a hit and attract even more fans for the singer-songwriter. Her voice so therapeutic, so authentic and she writes from the heart on a level we can all truly relate to in one way or another. 
I already have my favourite tracks. 'Universoul' is one of them featuring her daughter Mischa.
I also love 'Sorry' which I've had on repeat along with 'Cup Of Tea' which is the first visual from the EP. 

'Cup Of Tea' ft Jords

I'm very much loving this collaboration. A 10 track masterpiece, beautiful sounds and real lyrics. The soulful-R&B instrumentals on this is magical. Shout out to Question the producer! I am keen to hear a lot more from him.
You can find a link to his soundcloud below.
For now, give your ears a treat, lay back and enjoy some 'Earth Stuff'.


Question The Producer

Saturday, 16 April 2016

New Music: 'Murder She Wrote' by Honey Dinero

(image taken from

Introducing Hip Hop artist, writer and actress, Honey Dinero! Raw lyrics, sick flow and sexy attitude.
I've been following this lady on IG for a while and I was really excited to see her new video 'Murder She Wrote' directed by the talented Charles "DK" Thompson.

'Murder She Wrote'

If you like that real authentic Hip Hop, be sure to check more music from her.
I've picked out two of my fave tracks below. You can follow Honey Dinero on soundcloud, facebook IG and Twitter for updates and new music. (links below)