Saturday, 12 July 2014

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Cheer Dolor

Hello....Talent alert!!!
Let me introduce you to 21 year old producer, rapper, photographer & audio engineer Rafael Morales also known as Cheer Dolor.


Miss R: What age did you start to write?

It all started around the age of 15. I've always felt the urge to express myself through a creative outlet but just couldn't figure out what. So when I first started to write my first few rhymes right then and there was when I knew this was my calling.

Miss R: For those who don't know you, how would you describe your sound?

I would like to describe my sound as true. You won't get nothing but raw emotion. Even if its through my production side you'll feel a certain way. That is my goal, to capture you and put you into a certain state of mind. If I don't succeed in doing so then I as an artist have failed.

Miss R: What inspires your writing? Do you need to hear the beat first or do you just hit record and spit?

I always like to start off listening to a beat first. If I don't feel like the beat is telling me a story or giving me a concept then I'll back off. Regardless of how good the beat may seem If I can't find melodies right away or start getting ideas I'll skip to the next one.

Miss R: I listened to your track 'Sinning With A Sober Conscious' It's a very personal song. Is writing about your life something you find easy?

All I've been writing about is my life. I find it so much easier to write about things that are true to me. I can't sit there and try to come up with lines that may sound dope to the audience but what am I gaining from that? Writing is my own kind of therapy. lying to myself isn't going to gain anything. It'll only lead me into a path
many others have taken already and don't think I'll ever be ready to forget where I came from.

'Sinning With A Sober Conscious'

Miss R: How did you get in to the production side of things?

Around the age of 18 I felt like I can do more than just write. My cousin (GDWRKS) who has been producing way before me also has been my engineer and producer. I told him I wanted to learn production so without hesitation he helped me get everything I needed. He was the first to give me my first keyboard and I still have it till this day. I stopped producing for a while because my pc had stopped working but got back into just last year and haven't stopped since.

Miss R: Which of your own songs mean the most to you and why?

I would say "Sinning With A Sober Conscious" is the song that means most to me. It just summarizes everything that I have been dealing with and I feel like I couldn't have said it any better. I have been holding back on a lot and felt like now was the time to speak my mind. Without me knowing my family listened to the song and started crying. My grandmother came into my room in the middle of the night and talked to me about it. Hopefully I could stop writing these sad songs but my passion is based on people, loved ones, and memories so I don't think I'll stop anytime soon.


Miss R: You're very creative and I notice you are keen on Art. Is this another branch off the 'Cheer Dolor' talent tree?

I'm trying to do it all. I want to learn photography, videography etc. Knowing all these talents is a huge advantage in the music industry. I wouldn't have to worry about paying people or worry about someone doing the job wrong. I'm really big on visual and I'm trying to master everything connected to that.

Miss R: You have collabrated with UK producer Moteleola for one of my fave songs "So Good" do you plan on working with any other UK talents?

I have been working with artists from France to the UK working on different projects that are still in the works. I'm trying to work with singers but its tough to find a good one who hasn't already found a producer to work with or is even dedicated as much as I am for music. Me and Motelelola have a huge project we working on but I can't speak too much on it lol.


Miss R: What are you working on right now?

Currently I have been working on my first solo album. I'm a picky perfectionist who only wants the best for his music and fans. Its taking me some time to find the right sounds and producers who are willing to help out. I could produce my own album but its difficult for me to get on my own songs for some reason, its always been that way.


Miss R: Do you have any shows planned?

I have been going to New York and finding out about open mic's and where I can perform. Nothing is written in stone yet on when I'll perform again but I'm working on it.


Miss R: What was the last song you listend to/downloaded?

The last song I just downloaded was by Erykah Badu - 'On and On' She's such an amazing artist and plan on remixing one of her tracks or using her acappellas.

Miss R: Is there a Mrs.Dolor supporting you?

As of now I do have me a special lady in my life and I couldn't be any happier right now. We'll see how things play out :)

Follow Cheer Dolor on twitter also check out his soundcloud.

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