Saturday, 27 June 2015

'Elevated Music' by Polo Paul ft Jai Emm & Wave Prod. Matt Majerle

Polo Paul brings a new track for the summer 'Elevated Music' featuring the lovely Jai Emm's (AMAZING voice) and Waves. This is my jam...Go press play, have a listen, download and share!!!










Friday, 19 June 2015

New Music: "Unrealistic" by Em-Hotep

Check out "Unrealistic" the mixtape by poet, rapper and music producer Em-Hotep.  This is Niiiiiiice! One of my fave tracks is "Unorthodox" love the beat on this and his flow is sick.

Oh....I love this track too!! "From LA To Paris"

 Download "Unrealistic" via
 Ok..I've found another gem! "Facts To The Topic" 



New Music: Rome Fortune "Leaders" prod. by Four Tet

Had a little browse on soundcloud and came across "Leaders" Totally loving this! This is a new track from ATL Hip Hop artist Rome Fortune.
Banging track!!

Once you have checked out the tunes and you feel the need to interact with 
Rome, click on to this
and get his new app where you can also stream music, take selfies and add a green beard...all that funky stuff!

While I have your attention you should also listen to "Small World"


pic from soundcloud

I am now a new fan of Hip Hop artist F.L.O.W (Freedom Lies Only Within)from Queens, New York. Love his lyrical content and flow. "Keep It Louder"  

"Night Shift" 

Download his mixtape "SoulFULL"


Saturday, 13 June 2015

New Music: "Anti Anxiety" by Cheer Dolor

I see MAJOR things happening for Cheer Dolor. I get excited everytime I get receive a track from him. I already know I will love it before I press play.

His new track "Anti Anxiey" is just another gem. Check it out for yourself.

Also check out "Lesson Learned" (...Matter of fact, just jump on his soundcloud and get to know his music)


New Music: "Watch Your Mouth" by Bugzy Malone

Wooiiiiiiiii LOVE THIS!!!!Manchester's Bugzy Malone drops his new video for "Watch Your Mouth" taken from his upcoming EP "Walk With Me" which will be released Friday 26th July!! via iTunes.

Instagram - TheBugzyMalone
Facebook –
Snap Chat – Bugzy_Malone
Soundcloud -

Twitter- @TheBugzyMalone

New Muisic: "Crows" by Cadeem

New Video from Hip Hop artist Cadeem. "Crows" is the single from his new mixtape "In A World To Come" out now!! Go get yours here


Friday, 12 June 2015

New Music: 'Herbalist' by Cali P

New video from Cali P "HERBALIST"

For those who may not have read my interview with Cali P click this link!

Miss Radcliiffe Meets......Reppatwa

Miss R: When did you first get in to music and start writing lyrics?

From when I was about 8, my Dad bought me a Sony Walkman CD player, so from then, I was downloading music from Kazaa/Limewire etc. My Dad always had records/CD’s in the house, so I sort of grew up with music, as cliché as that sounds.

Before I started writing lyrics, I was writing poetry. For me, its just a form of expression, so I can only really write lyrics when something is on my mind, other wise its coming from a false place.
Miss R: What inspires your music? How would you describe your sound?

As of recent, it’s been hard to stay inspired, but listening back to my own material & knowing where I want to end up definitely motivates me. Unintentionally, I guess my sound is “laid-back”, or “effortless” as some would describe it, but that’s just down to me being lethargic ha! Other than that, I really take pride in the sorts of beats I vocal, from sample ranges to 808s.

 Miss R: What music did you listen to growing up?

I grew up with my parents playing music in the house, at the time (mid/late 90’s) artists such as Maxwell, Tevin Campbell, and others alike. In terms of me & hip-hop, one of my favorite songs was Nas ft Quan – Just A Moment. That must’ve dropped when I was about 10, but I was intrigued by what was being said. The imagery.
Miss R: You recently dropped your EP "The Reppalations of Reppatwa" and I see you have worked with one of my fave UK producers Moteleola on a few tracks.

Moteleola & I have quite a few tracks in the pipeline that we plan to release on other projects. He’s a person I can always call upon for when I need to be inspired to get into a creative mindstate.
How would you describe this EP for those who have yet to hear it? 
I would say Reppalations sounds like “urban jazz”, if I could describe it as a genre, or “Jazz rap” – but that sounds cheesy (both do, but yeah). That’s in terms of the production, but lyric wise – lyricism. I take pride in what I want the listener to hear. I don’t want them to hear my material & say “he sounds like..” – I hate comparisons. That’s why its important to make sure what you write comes from YOU. YOUR lyrics.

Miss R: What makes you different to any other artists?

I wake up & I say to myself: “How am I going to get your attention the first time you hear my music?”. There's one simple answer – be yourself. Don’t aspire to be like anyone else, because there is nobody like you. Nobody shares your story.
Miss R: Do you find it hard as a independent artists to get the exposure you deserve?
Always. And due to the fact the UK urban market is over-saturated, it makes it harder, but hey, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, no longer how far you have to walk
Miss R: Are there any other creative avenues you want to explore?

Song writing. If I had vocal training, I would probably be a singer myself, but that’s not my calling.
Miss R: Are there any other artist/ producer you would like to collaborate with in the future?

I can’t really put my finger on any particular artist, because I’m quite picky when it comes to working with others, even if I’m feeling the persons work. Someone I like a lot right now, is Post Malone, but whether a Reppatwa x Post Malone track would work – who knows.

Miss R: What's next for you? Do you have any shows coming up?

I’m trying to have the summer on smash. Some how. That’s all I can say.

Miss R: Where can the people check out your music?

Both YouTube (/reppatwatv) and SoundCloud (/repsreppatwa), but I only upload music videos to YouTube, so for all audios, SoundCloud is the best place to find new material from myself.
Thank You!!!

Have a listen to "Reppalations" on the link below. It's dope! I love it!


New Music: "Wade In The Water" by J Chambers

"Wade In The Water" is the new single from Manchester's emcee/poet J Chambers. And of course I am a fan of his work. His lyrics and flow is always on point!

Twitter: @jaycmcr


New Music: 'In A World To Come...' by Cadeem

Hip Hop artist Cadeem has released his newest project "In A World To Come"
Which you can download now via the link below. 

"Runaway/Truth Is"

Miss R: What is the message behind your new album? What was your inspiration?
The message was how it strongly resembles the "Big Bang Theory". From how I arranged the track listing and how the songs break down and build back up, conception wise. The inspiration was knowing  that it was going to be the sequel to my last project, "On Earth As Is...(?)" I knew that going into it.
Miss R: Talk me through the artwork?
The artwork is very futuristic which shows and implies progression from the last projects artwork, as if to take it to the next level and I believe I did Just that


Miss R: How long have you been working on this new mixtape?
For A year and a half...... Several songs didn't make the project, and with life constantly butting in made a bit more difficult to focus,  but I did, and followed through. That's what took me SO much longer than expected.. but its out now!!! Free on A few tracks on And will be on shortly.
Miss R: Who have you worked with on this tape?
On this this Mix tape, I Surely reached out to more people than before. Features include Texas Natives, B. Right, M.O.B. Trey, & Imag, California's Johnny Rain,  KXNG Denz, From Waterbury, Connecticut, and King Kohiba For Newark, New Jersey. Production include: Imag, Don Santiago, HarlowBeats, AraabMUZIK, and J.Dilla.  

Miss R: Pick one tracks that you consider a favourite and why?
My Favourite Track would Have to be "Crows" and/or "SpaceNOut" because of the vibe and just how organic they felt to come up with that day. It was very easy, but they came out very well.
Miss R: Do you have any videos coming out?
Yes I do!!!! "Crows"  video will be out VERY soon, So be on the look out!!!
Miss R: Do you have any shows coming up following the release?
I am currently working on A show out of my home state in Dallas, Texas at the Gas Monkey venue, and in Chicago as well but I'm not sure on the name of the place just yet. I'm definitely looking forward to that!!! 
Miss R: Where can the fans get the music and keep up with all things Cadeem?

You Can reach me on:
Twitter- @Cadeem_1606
Facebook Fanpage- Cadeem
Instagram- @cadeem
And we are also working on a new website for the people to keep in contact with me easier. It should be ready soon.
I want thank everybody that has been with me thus far. its been rough, but I got done for y'all!!! more music on the way, but for now just get familiar with this body of work. Continue to support as my career progresses as I continue to deliver, and understand that this is just the beginning!!!!! Thanks again... #InAWorldToCome 

Miss Radcliffe Meets......WordSmiff

(Pic from

I caught up with one of Brooklyn's finest emcee WordSmiff

Miss R: Who are your top 3 hip hop artist?

Nas, Hov, DMX are my top 3 favourites ever. Currently my favourites are Kendrick, Cole, and Wale.
Miss R: When did you start writing lyrics and get into the whole music scene?

I started writing music as far back as 3rd grade. Just writing little rhymes here and there and eventually over time. I got into the indie scene about 2 years ago. I was with a group a few years back, so I had to re-launch my solo career after we split to do our own thing.

Miss R: How would you describe your style?

Aggressive, Witty, and Fun. I put a lot of time into my pen game, but I definitely know when to have fun on wax depending on production of course.

Miss R: I like your music videos.(especially 'Young Gods' featuring Req Cartier) You seem to bring some fun in to music. Are you the brains behind the videos or do you have a creative team?

I'll come up with an abstract idea or someone else would, and from there we just piece it together. It happens naturally cuz we're all fools on the low. We like to joke and have fun. We're far from the average tough guy rappers. We want to bring the fun back into music.

WordSmiff ft ReQ Cartier 'Young Gods'

Miss R: I checked out 'Bars Over Everything ll: The Survivor' is just that.. 'Kill Them Before They Grow' is one of my favourites...I love the sound you brought throughout.
Do you have a favourite track? What are you working on now?

Picking a favourite track would be tough, because most were written with different styles. So I have a few favourites, but for totally different reasons. Right now I'm working on a joint project w/ ReQ Cartier entitled "Brooklyn's Finest" which should be here by middle of the summer. 

WordSmiff ft ReQ Cartier 'County Of The Kings'


Miss R: Do you find it hard as a independent artists to get the exposure you deserve?

I don't think I deserve anything, so the answer would be no. You have to earn your respect and exposure. Nobody can stop you from getting the love you deserve. All the tools are at your hands. It's on you to utilize them. So whatever exposure you get is what you deserve based on work ethic or efficiency of what you're doing.

Miss R: Apart from music, what other interests do you have?

Mainly film on the comedy side of things. I launched a comedy series awhile back and we're in talks of bringing it back. Again, just want to have fun with everything I'm doing.

Miss R: Are there any artist/ producers out now who you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Of course. It's too many to name. It's a lot of dope folk out there we want to work with and have already worked with. So the people just gonna have to wait and see :)

Miss R: What's next for WordSmiff..? What is your ultimate goal? 

My 1st solo album is up next. I'm just in the creative process of what exactly I want to do with it. How I want to present it, what I want to accomplish, who would I work best with. So I'm just working out the fine details and once I get that out the way, we're going to be full speed ahead with recording the album.

WordSmiff & ReQ Cartier 'Rap Rehab'

Twitter: @_WordSmiff_
Instagram: WordSmiffMusic
Facebook Page: WordSmiffMusic