Friday, 12 June 2015

New Music: 'In A World To Come...' by Cadeem

Hip Hop artist Cadeem has released his newest project "In A World To Come"
Which you can download now via the link below. 

"Runaway/Truth Is"

Miss R: What is the message behind your new album? What was your inspiration?
The message was how it strongly resembles the "Big Bang Theory". From how I arranged the track listing and how the songs break down and build back up, conception wise. The inspiration was knowing  that it was going to be the sequel to my last project, "On Earth As Is...(?)" I knew that going into it.
Miss R: Talk me through the artwork?
The artwork is very futuristic which shows and implies progression from the last projects artwork, as if to take it to the next level and I believe I did Just that


Miss R: How long have you been working on this new mixtape?
For A year and a half...... Several songs didn't make the project, and with life constantly butting in made a bit more difficult to focus,  but I did, and followed through. That's what took me SO much longer than expected.. but its out now!!! Free on A few tracks on And will be on shortly.
Miss R: Who have you worked with on this tape?
On this this Mix tape, I Surely reached out to more people than before. Features include Texas Natives, B. Right, M.O.B. Trey, & Imag, California's Johnny Rain,  KXNG Denz, From Waterbury, Connecticut, and King Kohiba For Newark, New Jersey. Production include: Imag, Don Santiago, HarlowBeats, AraabMUZIK, and J.Dilla.  

Miss R: Pick one tracks that you consider a favourite and why?
My Favourite Track would Have to be "Crows" and/or "SpaceNOut" because of the vibe and just how organic they felt to come up with that day. It was very easy, but they came out very well.
Miss R: Do you have any videos coming out?
Yes I do!!!! "Crows"  video will be out VERY soon, So be on the look out!!!
Miss R: Do you have any shows coming up following the release?
I am currently working on A show out of my home state in Dallas, Texas at the Gas Monkey venue, and in Chicago as well but I'm not sure on the name of the place just yet. I'm definitely looking forward to that!!! 
Miss R: Where can the fans get the music and keep up with all things Cadeem?

You Can reach me on:
Twitter- @Cadeem_1606
Facebook Fanpage- Cadeem
Instagram- @cadeem
And we are also working on a new website for the people to keep in contact with me easier. It should be ready soon.
I want thank everybody that has been with me thus far. its been rough, but I got done for y'all!!! more music on the way, but for now just get familiar with this body of work. Continue to support as my career progresses as I continue to deliver, and understand that this is just the beginning!!!!! Thanks again... #InAWorldToCome 

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