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Miss Radcliffe Meets......Normanton Street

I love it when I find new talent. I don't know how but I'm glad I did.
Normanton Street are a group of Brighton based musicians, bringing much flavour with a fusion of Hip Hop, Soul and Spoken word.

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Miss R: So..Ned, Nicholson & Phoebe, How did you all meet? 

Nicholson: Me and Ned grew up together. We met Phoebe via a mutual friend that worked in a bar she used to work at. We all went for a drink at Vodka Revolution on the infamous West Street in Brighton, my mate was like 'Phoebe's a really good singer'. She sang. I was like 'yo we gotta work on some tunes together'.
PhoebeIn Vodka Revolutions on a Sunday night!!

Miss R: Where did the name Normanton Street come from? 

Nicholson: Its where we lived when we first got to Brighton. Shouts to the Elm Grove ends.
Ned: Yeah man, on No. 1, we played on a roof during a street party there one time. It'd be ace to do that again.
PhoebeThat was before my time!

Miss R: How would you describe your music style?

Nicholson: Not sure specifically but somewhere between hip-hop, soul, jazz
PhoebeIt is a blend of all of our influences, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, Funk, whatever we are inspired by!

'Rakim (The 26th Year)'

Miss R: Who did you listen to growing up? 

Nicholson: Wu-Tang, MF Doom, Nick Drake, Beirut, Fela Kuti, Michael Jackson
PhoebeA lot of strong female soul singers, I looked up to them a lot.
Ned: I listened to a lot of Grime growing up. Wiley, Dizzee Rascal and Skepta. It was ace to hear British accents, I could relate to it much more easily than the US Rap that was on MTV BASE.

Miss R: You have a EP out now "Much Respect" Which song from that EP is your favourite to perform? 

Nicholson: Its tough. Both 'Rakim' and 'New Dawn'. That's when we change gear.
Ned: 'Grass is Greener'
PhoebeIt changes every time!


Miss R: What is the creative process likes? Do you each have a different role in the group?

Nicholson: Not really. Either me, Ned or Phoebe will come up with an initial groove, lyric, riff, bassline etc and then we'll work with our drummer on the percussion.

Miss R: I also had a listen to your EP Phoebe, "The Phoebe Freya" I absolutely love it!!my type of music..soulful and your voice is amazing.  What was the inspiration behind that? 

Nicholson: Writing those songs was real soon after the Revolution episode so we were all super excited and writing new stuff at a crazy rate. I think the inspiration was a combination of Phoebe's voice and jazz chords.
PhoebeThank you! There isn't a single inspiration for my vocal style, and it’s still growing and changing all the time, I used to listen to a lot of Nina Simone, but then also a lot of 90’s RnB so that’s where it all started.  
Ned: Phoebe came through with a new energy - we had to name something after her. I showed her the chords to 'Take A Walk' and 'You Know You Are' she wrote the lyrics far too quick. I was like YO.

Take A Walk With Me- The Phoebe Freya EP

Miss R: I see you are busy with shows at the moment up and down the UK...Are you working on a new album/EP to follow?

Nicholson: Yeah we're currently recording the album with a variety of producers. Its really good seeing how different producers work.

Miss R: Are there any artists / producers who you would like to work with in the future?

Nicholson: Madlib, DOOM, Mike Skinner, RZA
PhoebeJill Scott and Mark Ronson are up there!
Ned: Skepta and Soweto Kinch

Miss R: You have your own record label QM Records. Congratulations. That's a good look. How did that come about? 

Nicholson: Its something we've wanted to do for a very long time. The night before dropping our third EP 'MOVES' we established QM Records and have been working with plenty of artists and putting on a lot of shows with bands and DJ'ing too.

Miss R: Which other artists do you have under your label?

Nicholson: We're currently working on our first compilation which features 14 different artists, once this is released we might look into signing more artists. At the moment, its just us.
Ned: The only non Normanton Street release has been an EP by poet Tommy Sissons called Etchings. We're just looking to use QM as a platform to showcase dope artists we come across.

Miss R: Do you get a lot of support from the people in your home town? 

Nicholson: Yeah we do from Bradford which is lovely. People from years ago have started checking us out online and showing a lot of love and support which is real nice.
PhoebeBrighton, is very full of creative people especially bands, you would think this would make a very competitive environment but it feels very supportive! Like we’re all starting out together.

Miss R: What are the future plans/goals for Normanton Street? 

Nicholson: We love making new music and constantly playing live so loads more of that in general. Getting the album out towards the end of this year is something we're focusing on.
PhoebeCarry on making music that we love for as long as possible
Ned: It'd be sick to reach levels where we release something that can touch a lot of people

Miss R: Do you have any other interests/talents outside of music? 

Nicholson: I'm trying to learn Spanish at the moment. Before I started playing in the band I used to take pictures and draw quite a lot. Still love it but I don't have as much time to do it at the moment.
PhoebeI love painting, I need to get back into that one day.

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