Thursday, 14 May 2015

New Music: 'Werewolf In Staten' by Fes Taylor

I listened to "Werewolf In Staten' the new mixtape by Fes Taylor.
If you're already aware of his music then you should know he is definitely someone who puts the work in.

I can tell this will be a classic.  
One may even suggest this is a masterpiece. It's very well put together.
Every track is a killer! Punchy lyrics, sick beats and great production throughout.
There are a few features on the mixtape too, from Nyce Dafuture, Lot A Nerv, Pretty Boi Green, Mic Check (also a fan of his work) and Donna M from Black Ink.

Here is the track List. (* Miss Radcliffe top tracks)
   1. I'm A Bastard
   2. Uptown Train To Harlem*
   3. Three Card Molly
   4. Give Up The Goods
   5. G's Up*
   6. Doo Doo
   7. Take it In Blood
   8. Oceans
   9. Lituation
   10. You Don't Know
   11. How I Did It 
   12. Only 2
   13. How Bout Now*
   14. Uh Ohhh
   15. Still Kill
   16. Blood of the goat
   17. I Really Mean It
   18. Fountain Of Youth* 

Have a look at some of the vids for this project by Black Out City films.


G's Up  

Fountain Of Youth 

Three Card Molly

How I Did It

Keep a look out for 'Werewolf In Staten' coming soon via 



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