Sunday, 3 August 2014

I Love Me Some Old Skool!!

I've just been jammin' to some oldies today.

Tom Brown- 'Funkin For Jamacia'
If you don't feel great after hearing this, there must be something wrong with you. Instant mood booster song. LOVE IT!!!

Dennis Brown- 'To The Foundation'
YES!!! The prince of Reggae. Dennis Brown. Sing along...

"I've got to get myself together, yes, Can't afford to let my faith go, you know, Whenever Jah sun comes a shining, And my sisters are all smiling,
No one is dying, my people aren't crying......"

Colonel Abrams - 'Trapped'
I remember doing the shoulder dance moves haha...I also really loved his jacket. #Fashion

Sylvia Tella- 'In A Special Way'
Ok, this takes me back to the Reggae Revival nights. Ahhh....Good times.

Jade- 'Don't Walk Away'
This is my favourite song EVER!!! I used to dress like them too. (I'm still rocking the braids) :-)

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