Monday, 28 March 2016

NEW MUSIC: Insanity Genius by FES TAYLOR

New ep from the Staten Island hip hop artist Fes Taylor!
I must say this is another great piece of work. It takes a lot for me to listen to a whole EP/Album without skipping a track or two, but I really enjoyed what I heard. A big shout out to the producers on this.
There are some sick beats throughout. LOVE IT! 
Although I like all 8 tracks, I do have  my faves, 'Let's Talk About It' produced by Jimmy Neutron is a banger. Fes touches on some home truths on this track. I'm also lovin the old skool vibe on 'Lost & Found' produced by Falling Down.  

'Insanity Genius' gets a big thumbs up from me...But what do you think??
Hear it for yourself, listen to the sample below.

Be sure to get your copy!
'Insanity Genius' is out April 1st 2016.


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