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Miss RadcliffeMeets......Anthai

Big up Hip Hop artist and Producer Anthai for taking time out for this interview.
I recently listened to "Beats Behind Bars" (which is available in the link below) I was impressed with the production. I especially love track 3 "Death Before Dishonor" make sure you check it out!!
       Get 'Beats Behind Bars' here
Miss R: When did you first get into Hip Hop and rapping?

I got into writing and rapping in the mid 90's first started doing the Roll Call battles on Power 106 FM radio.  From that, it inspired me to compose and make my own music. I am also a producer (beat maker). I've produced about 5 different albums consisting my group 71Raw and some solo projects for myself. I am planning on releasing my latest project "The Prince" which I produced entirely dropping in late January 2015. 

Miss R: Who has been a major influence in your music?

My Mother would be one of the influences and also uncle and grandfather. We love music. Growing up hearing different kinds of music influenced me to craft my own style and create art through sounds.

Miss R: What music did you listen to growing up?

I grew up to a lot of 80s music first came to America in '85. At home I mostly hear French music from the 60s 70s. All classic music.

Miss R: For those who may not have heard your music, how would you describe your style?
My style is raw and uncut. No upper management directing you how to create your own work but only from myself. I like to talk about world activities and what's going on in the streets of America. Speak for the unspoken. Hip-Hop is the voice of the street. 

Miss R:  What makes you different from other Hip Hop artist ?
I am different but also alike. Differ in a sense where I do not promote materialistic things nor do I advocate gun violence like many mainstream artists. I am alike with some of the great artists such as Masta Ace, Q-Tip, to name a few, they speak from the heart to uplift. I try to do that but in a raw form of styles.  
 Miss R: You have a new EP coming out in Jan 2015. "The Prince"
What can your fans expect?
Yes, my new EP "The Prince" is fully produce by myself. Currently I am not rhyming as often as before. I am more focused on producing beats and collaborating with groups trying to help each other to expand. But back to my new EP "The Prince", people can expect more of a positive nature type of sounding project. It is called "The "Prince" because it is dedicated to my Newborn son Rza Prince Thai. This EP can be played in Starbucks or the library, it is that smooth and relaxing. The messages in each songs are inspirational. I have guest artists such as Prosperus, Christ Bearer, Martial Art, Shogunna, and Platto.  It's a great EP to listen to especially on the next data free partying so it can revive you back to reality. It's basically organic type rap.

Shogunna - Cross The Galaxies (Prod. By Anthai)   taken from the EP "The Prince"

Miss R: Do you prefer making beats to rapping?

I never like answering this question because it's like asking me if I like a bowl of pho or a bowl of ramen.  I love to write lyrics and rapping about whatever I can think of. Producing beats on the other hand, I would have to follow with the samples I choose but once I make a banging beat, I would have it blasting on repeat for hours late at night, really though.

Miss R:  Are there any other producers/artists you would like to work with in the future?
I would love to work with Jay-Z, Prodigy,  KRS One, Action Bronson, and Curren$y. 
Miss R: Where do you want your music to take you? What's the ultimate goal?
Back when I started in 2004 my ultimate goal was to have my music available so the people can buy it. Now, my goal is to produce for more artists and establish a bigger name in Hip-Hop.
Miss R: What has been your biggest achievement so far?
If you are referring to Hip-Hop then I would have to say I have been blessed to be affiliated with the West Coast Wu-Tang Killa Beez. Started from my ninja Christ Bearer who introduced me and my group to everyone. Respect him for that!
Miss R: Are you a fan of UK Hip Hop? Would you work with a UK artist?
I am not too familiar with UK Hip-Hop but I am sure they have talent. I would love to work with them.
Miss R: What other interests do you have outside of music?
My only interest outside of my music is my family. Raising my son Rza the proper way because this world we live in  is chaotic. We have to start teaching children early.  Lastly I want to say "look, listen, and observe". Peace

"The Prince"  official release date is 27th January 2015 and is available via


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