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Miss Radcliffe Meets......Fes Taylor

Miss R: Do you remember the first song you wrote?

The first real song I wrote was called "little did u know" lol my G, Body Snatcha, a rapper I looked up to from my projects , helped me write it.  
He taught me how to write bars, format songs, do hooks ect.. I learned it all from him. Since then I've been on it.  

Miss R: Who did you listen to growing up?

Well, In the early years, I liked rap, but it wasn't until I heard Big Daddy Kane that I knew I wanted to be a rapper.  
I wrote my first rap playing around. I was wild young then, but then I heard the Nas album and I knew this is what I wanted.  
To grow up and be a rapper.
Of course Big, Jay Z. Mobb Deep, Wu Tang  and artist like that I loved their music. Even 50 cent but I was an artist myself. I liked these dudes,  but I felt I had to be good enough to even take them on, if I had to.
I learned that from KRS One.

Miss R: You started your career by featuring in talent shows and battling emcees. When did you first realise music was your passion?

Ever since I did the talent show, and I felt the love I received when on stage, I was hooked!!  I grew more addicted to it as the shows grew bigger and the fans screamed louder.  
I did a show at Freek Nick in ATL back in the day.  The roars from the crowd were so loud.. there ain't no feeling like that in the world!! We also did  the Summer Jam, it was crazy. I was hooked on the game ever since.  

Miss R: What inspires your music?

What inspires my music the most is the struggle.  The real life shit we go though every day. 
I don't have a gimmick, I'm the "keep it real" rapper lol
What I'm saying is...  I tell the story of the every day person who is tying to turn their life into something.  
I ain't no better than the fans.  I'm just a voice for them to tell the stories they can relate to. 
Every body has a struggle, this built us to be strong enough to take on any thing.

Miss R: How do you differ from the other Hip Hop Artist?

Well I'm me, so there is only one me. 
I don't try to sound like any one. I just do what I do.
I don't do fake shit to impress people either. You fuck with me, or you don't. 
I'm good either way. I got my own style, my own sound, so Hey, I'm just me. 
Play my shit, then play their shit.. you will soon see how different I am.

Fes Taylor Ft Lot A Nerv - Welcome To My Hood

Miss R: Has your life changed since becoming a artist?

Yes very much. I  put in a lot of time.  My life is music.  I'm dedicated to this. Music saved my life. Most of my friends are dead or in jail. 
I could have been in either place. If I wasn't doing music who knows how my lives would have gone.  I've been  shot, stabbed, cut ect... charged for a crime I didn't do. which could have me locked me up for years, but God kept me here. I feel like this is my calling. To speak the word of the people, be the voice of my community. It's bigger than me. My goals are to help build the next Def Jam on Staten Island.

Miss R: What do you think about the Hip Hop music today?

I'm not mad at music today, most hate it lol, but I like a lot of the new artist and the new music.
A lot of the old artist need to give it up lol. 
I ain't saying no names lol. A lot of  the new ones also lol, but good music is good music that's all I care about.  
If it's dope, its dope. If it's wack, it's wack. Old or new.
You can't say which is better, you gotta keep up with the times. If you get stuck in the '90s its over for you lol.
Hov did it best. He kept changing with the times, I admire that.

Miss R: I read somewhere you made a movie called 'Pay Me In Respect' what was that about? Do you plan on making any others in the future?

We never did the film but we planned on doing it.  I released the soundtrack, but no film.  
I still hope to do the film and others soon. I just want it done right.
We also make videos, but movies are a lot more work. Watch the end of any movie and see just how many people helped out. We will be working on short films soon, "Pay Me In Respect" and other full films too. We started a new film company Black Out City Films.

Miss R: What other interest do you have?

I just like to have fun, enjoy life, play sports and hang with my kids. 
Family is the most important to me when I'm not on the grind. I'm a simple person. I don't want much. I just grind so I know my family and friend are good. That's what makes me happy. I hope I can help people and inspire them to help others.
I did a lot of wrongs on the come up . I'm trying to make up for all the wrong we ever did.  Don't get me wrong, I ain't preaching or nothing. I ain't perfect, I'm still learning myself but don't get it twisted, I'm a hood nigga 4 life lol

Miss R: You have your own label 'Two 4 War Entertainment' how hard is it being a independent artist, who do you have under your label?

It's great ! We started this in 2002. We make it work.  I make a living off music. I ain't 50 cent or Jay Z,  but I survive off what I love to do.  We have built are own machine. I'm about to put out a few new artist under this company soon. Like I said, we are the new Def Jam of Staten Island, watch this space!  
Shouts to Chamber Musik Records, they have worked with us for years, we do great work together.

Miss R: What other projects are you involved in?

I'm working with Nueliphe and M2o Kingz. We have work coming soon. 'Buzz Killer' and all my other projects are in the stores. We have a liquor coming out soon, so yeah, we are making a few moves. 
2015 is gonna be the year we step it up like crazy. 
Salute to my Str8 Biz fam,  Angry Elephant clothing line and Real Job Studios 2090 fam.

Miss R: Do you get a lot of support from others in music, or do you feel it's more of a 'Dog eat Dog' situation?

It's crazy in this game. I know people are fake, but just respect me that's all I ask.  
If not, then we've got a problem! Other than that, I'm good. I play the game. You gotta just play the game or else you lose and I ain't tryna do that.
We are winners over here, so I feel like everyone is trying to get one over on you, but as long as you gain something- then its cool.

Miss R: Are you a fan of any UK Hip Hop artist?

Yes. I like a lot of UK artist, they are dope. MYG late is one of my peoples, that's fam right there. Check him out. We did some dope music. Salute to the UK I get a lot of love over there.

Miss R: You have 2 new albums coming out "Buzz Killer" & "Staten Ain't Big

Enough" What can we expect from these albums?

One is a mix CD and the other is a EP. Expect it to be the hottest shit you ever heard lol. But on the real, the fans know I don't make garbage, but I'm stepping it up. We are going for main stream now.
I know they love that hard shit I do, I still got y'all... I'll be making some hard radio shit lol. 
I learned from Fifth (50 cent) he does great at that.  
Salute to G Unit.  They linked back up and still have the formula. 
You gotta be good every time. I feel like I'm better then ever, this is some of the greatest work I've ever done.

Miss R: You created the group with other talents from Staten Island called 'Staten All Stars'  How did that come about? Are you guys working on anything at the moment?

It's not a group, its a family of artist who came together to build unity on Staten Island, and we did what we set out to do. 
We did that for the city not for rap or fame.  It was a time when there were all kinds of violence against each other. We even helped slow  some of that down. We brought the love back to our city. I say "our city" because we feel like Staten is our very own city. 
Miss R: Do you have any shows/Tours coming up? (...Any in the UK?)

I'm trying to plan that now.  Getting my paper work right. I had a few issues but it's all cleared up now. To book me for tours over seas contact

Miss R: Looking back from when you started. How have you developed as an artist?

I have become more than an artist. I'm a director and a producer. I've learned the game from every angle. I am able to do everything myself, if I have to.

Miss R: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to make it in the music biz?

Never stop dreaming, work hard,  grind even harder and you will make it happen. Being great at music ain't enough. Know the game, then you have a chance to win.

Miss R: Where can we get your music?

You can pick up my music on  itunes and in stores ect  

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