Saturday, 8 April 2017

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Lightbourne

Miss R: When did you first start writing/rapping? 

I started rapping at the age of nine. I always loved writing poetry and short stories for school and it naturally evolved from that into lyrics over beats. The odd thing is, no one in my family or among my friends were rapping, just me. My love for Hip Hop, I believe honestly was sparked by a very iconic show in my eyes, “Video Music Box”. It is hosted by Ralph Mcdaniels and still airs to this day. I would hurry home after school to watch it everyday, such good memories.

Miss R: Who are your musical influences? 

My first major influence was Rakim. After him, definitely Da Brat, Tupac, Queen Latifah, Jay-Z, MC Lyte, Nas, and AZ. It is probably a few I’m forgetting but I tend to gravitate toward artists with substance, those that have a message to convey.
Miss R: What motivates you? 

My Wife and God. I have been with my twin flame Alicia for almost 19 years and she has always supported my vision and dreams. She believed before I did. We always have each other’s backs through the highs and the lows. She has her own set of dreams that I am hoping to help facilitate through this musical gift.

My love for God of course motivates me because knowing how he has blessed me in so many ways, none of that has to do with material items. I know that I have a true purpose here on Earth and God is seeing to it that it is carried through. So many times I gave up on the music and myself. However, all the signs and hints I received in life from random strangers confirmed to me that I was suppose to be doing music and seeing it through. That was God the whole time, never giving up on me.

Miss R: Where do you want your music to take you? 

I hope my music takes not only me, but also everyone on the journey towards truth of self and unconditional love. Also, around the world I wouldn’t mind either.

Miss R: What message do you want your fans to take from your music?

I hope to spread a message of hope, love, and joy. I aim to make music to uplift the soul and the hearts of many. Not every song probably will be "Kum ba yah" (lol) but my goal is to raise the positive vibrations that exist in the world and get back to “feel good” music.

Miss R: What are the worst and best things about being in the music industry?

Well, I am a newbie in this industry so I have not been fully exposed to the upsides and pitfalls completely as of yet. However, I love it because it showcases all kinds of talent but the negative in my eyes would be the lack of authenticity.  Some people are fraudulent and driven by ill intentions. That is not exactly the company I would choose to always have around me. However, you take the good with the bad in life.

Miss R: Tell me what you're working on now? 

As of right now, I am working on finishing up visuals for some of my songs as well as starting the writing and recording process for a new EP. That will be released probably the beginning of summer.

Miss R: Do you have any shows/tours planned?

I do not have any shows or tours lined up right now, but with the new music coming very soon, we will be lining up shows shortly after.

Miss R: Music aside, what other creative avenues would you like to explore?

I would love to go into acting, become an author and eventually become a motivational speaker. Those goals however, come second to the music and I want to give my fans all that I have to offer musically. I’m locked in on this true blessing first, and then I am DEFINITELY exploring the other ones along the way

Miss R: If you could pick any artist or producer to work with right now, who would it be?

Jay-Z. He’s a true visionary, a pure genius. I think him and I would vibe quite well together. I look forward to that day.

Miss R: Looking back from when you first started to now. How have you developed as an artist?

Lyrically, I would say I have taken it to another level. I understand hooks and melodies a lot better and my song writing has enhanced as well. I would also say I display more passion when I rap now, before I was a bit reluctant and shy to be so expressive.

Miss R: What is your life motto? 
Cherish the here and now, moments over minutes. Savor those special occasions and events with those you love and disregard the illusion of time. Also, give out the energy to others you would hope to receive back from the universe.

Any final words?....

Special thank you to you Miss Radcliffe for all of your support! New Music coming very soon, everyone please be on the lookout. You can follow me on my Instagram @_Lightbourne for updates on it all. Love and Blessing always! 

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