Sunday, 16 April 2017

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Creole King

Creole King is a creative force, born and bred in the city of New Orleans, LA. As a child, Creole King discovered he had a flair for entertainment and love for creativity that was nourished by his home town. He would entertain his family and friends by imitating popular artists such as Jodeci, R.Kelly, LL Cool J, Dru Hill, and more. It was apparent that what began as fun and games, was a real vehicle for comedic timing and vocal abilities. Soon, music became his one true passion.
Creole King honed his talent and incorporated his love for the Lord in the youth choir at First Hollygrove Baptist Church. As he developed, he began to compete in talent shows in the greater New Orleans area. In 1999, two friends, along with his twin brother, J. Henry, formed the group, Cristal. Cristal quickly gained local success in a competitive market by performing hit songs by popular groups, such as Dru Hill and Boyz II Men. Under his leadership, Cristal performed and won the world famous Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NY. After Cristal disbanded, Creole King began to sow a unique style of emotionally potent, hip hop infused, soul music that marries the passion of his hometown heritage and the influences of his youth. He has flourished on the records of other artists, and managed to maintain his own style.
Currently, Creole King is performing in several venues around the Atlanta area. He is known for his effortless charm and charisma on or off stage. Creole King is unmistakably soulful, undeniably fly, and unquestionably dope. He is “The King of Creole Soul”.


Miss R: Where do you draw inspiration from?

I can draw inspiration from a myriad of sources. I've always been aware of what I was feeling, but what developed through time and experiences was my ability to express it. I'm not the guy that just sits down or sets time aside to "write". I don't "Pimp my Muse" nor do I force inspiration, however when "the gift" begins to speak I open up and listen to it.

Miss R: Do you play any instruments?

The simple answer to that question is no, but
the weird thing is I can feel them instictively while I'm writing a song. The instrument that I connect with the most though is the guitar.

Miss R: Who are some of your favourite musicians/bands from the past and present?
Where do I  start, my favorites are Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Lauryn Hill, John Legend, Carl Thomas, Jill Scott, Ceelo Green, OutKast, Nas, Bob Marley, Bruno Mars, John Mayer, oh and I love Adele, Kings Of Leon, Emeli Sande has an amazing voice and a killer pen, Daley is severely underrated and Kendrick Lamar is the King lol

Miss R: Which other singer/musicians or producer's would you like to work with in the future?

I would like to work with producers like Mark Ronson, Salaam Remi, and I think Mike Will Made it has an amazing ear and I'm super into The Dap Kings' vintage sound. Oh yeah and if I could work with DJ Premier that would be Dope.

Miss R: So, looking back to when you were in the youth choir, competing in talent shows and being the lead in your group Cristal.. how have you developed as an artist? And what lessons have you learned on your journey so far?

I have grown immensely since then, both as an artist and as a businessman. I've learned that it won't kill me to stand alone. I've learned to work the words in a song versus working my voice to convey a message. I've also learned that there is a particular base of listeners that are mining for what I create naturally and they're looking fire the first Creole King, not the next anyone else,  lol.

Miss R: You just released your new single 'Flower' which is out now via all digital outlets. Do you have a album/EP to follow?

Currently, I'm in PBM Recording Studio working on several different types of songs and styles, they may or may not develop into an EP/Album. My desire right now is to develop an intimate relationship with a base of listeners and build on that connection. I want to earn their trust and let them grow with me.

 (To hear/download the single 'Flower' Click here!)

Miss R: What message do you want your fans to take from your music?

The message want to convey is that we should NEVER exhaust the possibility that LOVE can and does happen. I want to make resonant music and look Fly doing it, lol. I want my listeners to hear my life, relate to it, grow from it, reminisce over it. I want to evoke thought and show that vulnerability is not weakness, but rather strength.

Miss R: You're currently performing around Atlanta..
Would you like to bring your shows to the UK and worldwide?

I've had my passport for awhile now, so all I'm waiting on is an opportunity to cross the pond and feel that energy and leave them with mine lol. I can't wait to rock in the UK and anywhere else in the world.

Miss R: What other interest outside of music do you have?

I have lots of interests, but I love History and Culture. I'm a fan of Mafia Movies, Star Wars, and Comic Books. I'm a legit nerd sometimes lol. I also enjoy reading, cooking and DIY projects... yep Creole King the Renaissance Man lol.

Miss R: What's your life motto?

"GOD above All else!" I believe if I keep him as my top priority he will honor my wants according to his will.

Miss R: What's next for Creole King?

I will continue to expand my brand, by consistently creating content and finding dope ways to convey my experiences and connect with people that relate to them. I'm going to continue performing live and shoot video content to compliment the music. S/O to my squad Queenie, J Henry Jazz, My PBM fam M.a.D Mike, Travis Starr, Mr. B, Rosé, John Marsee, Riley Klages, Matt Coop, Mike Mo, E. Clark, Orotund Productions and my lil sis Nicolette. #CreoleKingMusic 



  1. Thank you Miss Radcliffe for bringing the world a little closer to this epic singer, songwriter, Creole King. He is real about who he is and it is most certainly reflected in his music. He is "unboxed" when it comes to his style of music. His words, his thoughts are easy to relate to, while stirring up his listener's personal feelings. Last, but not least, because Creole King pours his heart and soul (pun intended) into his music, he touches his fans/audience in a very organic and personal way.

  2. Dope interview, well done. The world needs to know about the Creole King aka Cardell Henry, he is a God fearing man, a great man and extremely talented. #madlove