Friday, 28 November 2014

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Juliette Ashby

As soon as I heard "Acoustic Emotions" back in December last year, I instantly
fell in love with this lady's voice. I'm talking about British singer-songwriter Juliette Ashby.
If you are not yet familiar with her music please GET TO KNOW!! I've thrown in some of my favourite tracks.

"Acoustic Emotions"

Miss R: You are a big Bob Marley lover (like myself). His music is a major influence to you. Who else do you admire?

Bonnie Raitt is another of my biggest idols. She is a beautiful songstress. Beres Hammond, Faith Evans the list goes on for miles!

Miss R: Tell me your process for writing a song. Do you hear the music first or do you just write when the feeling hits you?
Normally I'll either have some lyrics that come to me then i'll go in the studio and put the melody to it. Or one of my producers will over a piece of music and I'll write to it. It's always a very natural process. You cant force music.

"0ver & Over"
Miss R: Talk us through a 'Day in the life of Juliette Ashby'

Every bloody day is different that's why I love waking up in the morning. I make a coffee, open my emails and see what the day is about to have in store for me. The last year has been crazy, manic busy...I've loved every minute of it.
I've been back and forth performing in the US and now I'm at home in London just writing over the Christmas period, then back to ATL/Sweden and NYC in Jan 2015.

Miss R: You get a lot of love from America and you performed at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin Texas back in March. You even met Mr Russell Simmons!!! How was that?

It was amazing!!  He is a very lovely man, as is Mr Steve Riffkind.
I performed two events for them at their new label launch party for ADD52 with my UK band. It was an amazing few days with them. I also performed for Perez Hilton on his night and sharing a dressing room with incredible BLONDIE was an experience I'll never forget!! (haha) SXSW was amazing. I did some great shows and had a wicked time with so many people.

Miss R: Will you be planning a UK tour?

I'll be doing a few dates in the UK in early next year but I'll be back in the US finishing my album and writing for other artists, which is my priority right now. Another manic year ahead in 2015 and I'm so looking forward to it!

Miss R: Do you have any other passions outside of music ?
Music is my life. It does consume 99% of me. My biggest passions in life is Music, happiness and helping others. Anything that involves doing something exciting and positive with a nice big goal at the end of it works for me.
My company SoulShack Productions most definitely keeps me on my feet at the moment. I'm lucky to have the team with me to look after things. We have some exciting news coming from the SoulShack Family.
Miss R: What was the last song you listened to?

If you want me to be honest it was my meditation music (hahaha) Sounds of flutes, wind chimes and the sea. I'm not even lying its my favourite CD right now... I love it!

Miss R: Looking back from when you first started to now, How have you developed as a artist?

On every level. As we keep performing we keep growing. This game is a tough one. You've always gotta stay on your toes. It's like being an athlete, you must keep up your training on all levels. You gotta keep growing. Keep your eyes open and make sure you have the right people around you!
Miss R: You  obviously work hard and you're extremely busy with your music, yet you still find the time in your day to interact with your fans. Do you think it's important for artist to have this interaction?

This to me is number 1. I LOVE keeping connected to you guys however cheesy it sounds, without you guys I couldn't be in this game. it's you lot who buy my music, keep me happy and support me. Nothing I can say will actually match up to how grateful I am to have the fan base I do. You guys mean more to me than you'll ever know and its nice sharing the journey with you.

Miss R: What is next for you?

Family time, writing on some great projects with other artists... I've have a few dance tracks which I've featured on and is just being released now in Australia and UK, so whilst that's happening I'm gonna enjoy the Christmas period with my family, whom I haven't seen much this year, recharge my batteries and get ready to go back to US early Jan 2015.
Miss R: Thank you again!! Much Love.

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