Saturday, 10 December 2016

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Mozaik

Miss R: Who are Mozaik? Introduce yourself.

Hello. We are mozaik, a soul/hiphop/jazz band based in Dresden, Germany. We are: Jonas Mielke (bass), Jannik Kerkhof (drums), Mikolaj Suchanek (keys), Georg Wiede (sax) and Anna-Lucia Rupp (vocals).

Miss R: How did you all meet?

We met during our first year at music school. We all study at ’Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber’ in Dresden. In the beginning of our studies there were some obligatory jazz ensembles where we were put together as a group and we got along pretty well. At that time I (Anna-Lucia) wanted to start a band which was a little more groovy, so I actually put together the people that were already around me. What a coincidence – they were all into groove music... And here we are, still playing and harmonizing together.

Miss R: What / Who inspires your music?

There’s this one band that we are very inspired by. They are called ’Hiatus Kaiyote’  from Australia. The have a very special and experimental sound and have a specific way of composing and arranging. Music is a great influence on the way we use it to compose and arrange songs. Also, there are musicians like Esperanza Spalding, José James, D’Angelo and many, many more who influence our music profoundly. But all in all, there are infinitely many inspirations for each of us.
We actually are quite different in our musical taste. Our pianist Mikolaj for example is a classical piano player. He studies classical piano and likes to listen to jazz and rock music. Our drummer Jannik, plays a lot of pop music and he is into hip hop as well. Each one of us comes from another direction but we harmonize pretty well together and we try to find a sound that everyone can identify with.

Miss R: Talk me through your process of creating a song.

Usually Jonas (bass) or myself, bring a groove or a rough structure of a song into the band context. We work on that together in the rehearsal. I record it and write melodies and lyrics at home. Then I bring it back into the band context and we work on the structure and all kinds of details until we are all satisfied with it. Sometimes it can take a while. For example, we are still working on one song which we first put together right at the start, which was in winter 2014. Some of our songs need a little more processing time, others are there immediately. It’s different from time to time.

Miss R: Who in the music world would you like to work with in the future?

There have been a few rappers from all over the world contacting us on soundcloud. They are totally into our music and asked if we can imagine featuring them in one of our songs or producing tracks together. These days it’s so easy working with people all around the world. We really want to do these kinds of collaborations in the future. Also, we have the opportunity to work with a guy called David Hanke aka Renegades of Jazz from Agogo Records. He makes raw and heavy produced music, fusing Jazz with Breakbeat elements, bringing the Jazz back to the dancefloor. He also got in touch with us via soundcloud listening to our songs.
Let’s see what the future brings...

Miss R: What are you working on now?

We are working on a bunch of new songs currently. It means a lot of rehearsing, arranging, composing, writing lyrics, finding new sounds and redefining old ones... Our long-term goal is definitely to record an album. So we are on our way!
In the meantime, Georg (sax), our social-media-guy, is working on expanding our online presence. He’s working very hard to bring our music to the people.
You could say that we are currently working on our basic fundament.

Miss R: Any gigs / tours planned?

There is a tour planned for February 2017. We’re planning on touring Switzerland and Southern Germany. So keep in touch for further information! Visit us on Facebook, soundcloud, instagram, twitter, etc. to check our tour dates!
The very next gig will be on the 27th of January 2017 at ’Zapfanstalt’ in Dresden. Come on over!

Miss R: Where can we get you music?

You can listen to our demo tracks on soundcloud. A better way of enjoying our music would probably be seeing us live! Or keep your eyes open for upcoming live videos. There’ll be a few sneak peeks on Facebook. Or you can of course get the EP as soon as it’s out!


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