Thursday, 16 June 2016

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Honey Dinero

I chat with one of New York's finest. Hip-hop artist, writer and actress Honey Dinero

Miss R: For those who may not have heard your music, how would you describe your style?

Street Chic with a 90's feel.

Miss R: How do you differ from other female rappers?

I rhyme about actual events that have happened in my life. I purposely combine raw, edgy, no holds barred and sexy with the streets. Rather then over sexualized or "bubble gum" lyrics. I don't follow the current trends set for female rappers.

Miss R: What made you choose music? When did it all start?

I would say music chose me. Possibly while in the womb. As far as I know, musicians run in my family back to the doo wop era. I've always loved music and could always write both stories and poems. I would always write what I thought would be dope songs. R&B and raps. One day, something in me said go for it and I did!

Miss R: You're  also an actress. What have you featured in? And would you say you love the music more or vice versa?

I've had a few extra roles. Small speaking roles in a couple of indie films and then a lead in a film called, "A Match Made in Harlem". I've been in various commercials from being a infant up until recent. I've also written two small films of my own that I plan to star in. I love music the most. Lol, for now.

Miss R: You co host a breakfast radio show "The Milk Show" with Qwizman via Streetz N Musiq Radio...How did that come about? and what can your listeners expect to hear?

My brother, Qwizman said he wanted to do a radio show and asked me if I could help him. I've had two radio shows in the past and created a concept for a dope show that could showcase both of our talents. Plus, I'm a firm believer and practitioner of creating your own opportunities, so I figure it would help with creating my own spins and building both of our fan base.
I was previously asked to do a show on Streetz N Musiq after building a relationship with Nomad and his team and the team of DJ's. I figured why not at Street N Musiq. I have a strong relationship and much love with DTF, however Streetz n Musiq are building and I felt I could partner up and contribute to that, rather than an already established DTF Radio!  Love them though.
Anyway, I created this concept of a SNL/Late night show ( Jimmy Fallon/the British guy (James Cordon)  who does Karaoke Car Pool ) mixed with Morning Radio.
Hence, "The Milk Show".. Entertainment for Breakfast. So, visually and listening, you get some of the most ratchedness comedy and also music.

Miss R: You received the award for 'Best Female Rapper' at Urban Threshold’s Underground Music Awards NYC. Congratulations on that. What are your other achievements so far?

Thank you ma'am! Touring overseas, unsigned was a Huge achievement! Performing on stage night after night in crowds of hundreds and being treated on the same level as mainstream artist was dope to me. Writing two films and creating my current project is my greatest achievement so far.

Miss R: I recently featured your latest video "Murder She Wrote" what do you have to follow..What else are you working on right now?

"Murder She Wrote" is the ending to a project I'm currently filming called "Lipstick & Bullets". I am set to release a visual called, "I Like It" which will be veryyyyy sexy and "No Mercy" featuring GQ Statuss that will set up the visuals I'm dropping this fall leading into my film.


Miss R: Any shows coming up?

Not set. I'm doing spot dates. My focus is on filming this project.

Miss R: What's next for Honey Dinero, What are your future plans/goals?

I will always do music. Writing,  performing, and recording.  I really want to get into acting and films. My goals are just to stand out in this industry and be recognized for creating my opportunities. And to keep putting out timeless hip hop.

Miss R: Any final words/ Shout outs?

S/O to you! You've reached out and we've been building since. I appreciate you!!! Of course s/o to DK @GorillaStreetFilms , SkyWalker Dutch @TheVault.. We've formed the triangle offense. ... We are collectively about to do some big things!  Much love to my brother Qwiz, "The Milk Show",  Streetz N Musiq Radio and My Dons that support me heavy. Plus the fans! Especially in Ghana and parts of Europe.  Steve Malick, Adam Aleo, Renee Kendrick ... I can think of off top. Thank you! Most of all for this interview.

Miss R: Thank you!!!

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