Monday, 9 March 2015

New Music: Smoke and Mirrors by Cyclonious & Chairman Maf

The ‘notable’ rapper, Cyclonious, is releasing his latest track ‘Smoke & Mirrors’, a collaboration with Cambridge Producer Chairman Maf.
So far the 'Hostile Leadership' Ep has received opulent reviews, and rightfully so, this Ep is definatly a keeper for all real and true hip hop fans.
‘Smoke & Mirrors’, follows their ‘powerful third single’ Together which Featured Pheonix Da IceFire and Apex Zero. Some would say that is a tough act to follow but 'Smoke & Mirrors' can hold its own with any other song on the 'Hostile Leadership' Ep as all of them are heavy weight tracks. Smoke and mirrors deals with situations and issues that many seem to over look or dismiss within this globe that we live in. 'You fall asleep just to visulise a nightmare, to wake up straight back in a nightmare' taken from the chorus is just a tip of the iceberg from the glacier lyricism displayed on this hip hop journey.




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