Monday 20 November 2017

Configa - 'CONFIGARATION Volume 1'

UK hip hop producer Configa has been an influential force in shaping hip-hop culture for more than two decades, producing some of the most iconic beats in the underground scene.

Those familiar with Configa will be not be disappointed as he delivers yet another soon- to- be labelled a 'classic ' album for all to enjoy.
Usually, when listening to any album first time, I can get a little impatient and find myself skipping through the tracks but  as soon as the intro kicked in I already knew I was about to hear something special.

While in keeping with the boom bap, golden era vibe, Configa drops in a little spice with the track 'Pop Off' featuring Si Phili, Fdot1, Serocee and Corporal AK which has a dancehall influence, he then takes you in to a more soulful vibe with 'U Make My Day' featuring neo-soul singer/songwriter Sulpacio Jones. This is currently one of my favourites from the album,there are some instrumentals in the mix too for those who simply appreciate the music. 
The album is consistent with the quality, no gimmicks just real music. 

Configaration Volume 1 is out November 21st via
Check out the preview below.

'Mind Control'

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