Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hastility (H1) by Configa & HaStyle

artwork by Jaxie Pie

Check out the new video from London producer Configa and New York emcee HaStyle.

'Hastility' is the first single and title track from their new album 'Hastility (H1)' out now!!


Produced by - Configa
Vocals - HaStyle
Track Mixed and Mastered by - E. Blaize
Video Shot and Edited by - Nick Light

I ain't a know-it-all when it comes to hip hop, I just know what I like, and I must say I really enjoyed this album.
I had it playing in the background and it took me back to the days when my brothers would watch YO! MTV Raps. I get that real old skool hip hop vibe which is what I love. 
This is very well put together piece of work. The production, beats, samples, lyrics and flow all make 'Hastility' a dope album. It's obvious the duo have the winning formula to make great music.
HaStyle's captivating rhymes and delivery definitely compliments the high quality production from Configa. I could listen to the album on loop!
If you are a real hip hop fan with a love for that 'Golden era' feel 'Hastility' is for you!
If you like great production, this album is also for you.
If you like music/lyrics that takes you on a journey, again, this album is for you!


Produced by - Configa
Vocals - HaStyle
Cuts by - DJ Madhandz
Track Mixed and Mastered by - E. Blaize
Video Shot by - Peter Clark (Attic Studios)
Video Edited by - Nate Pommer

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'Hastility'  also available via iTunes here. 
and Amazon  here.



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  1. Configa trigger clacks configarmy, HaStyle makes my nightmares charming.

    Beat heat hotwired!