Monday, 20 October 2014

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Gilly

After hearing "Freedom" for the first time, I became a instant fan of the Bristol Rapper.
....So I thought I'd check him out.

First off...tell me a little about yourself, Who is Gilly?

My answer would be Gilly is Gilly lol.. Well, that's what people always say. I'm from Bristol and I've been making music (seriously) for the last 3 years. I have big plans and ambitions.

Miss R: When did you first put pen to paper and write your first rhyme?

I was about 13. I can even remember the verse. I was at my nans house and it was a Garage bar. I started out writing to House and Garage then moved to Grime and eventually on to Drum and Bass.

Miss R:  How would you describe your music?

I would describe my music as just real. It's just me doing me.

Miss R: Who in Hip Hop has influenced your music?
I would say Tupac, DMX, Eminem and Nas. I'd also even say Jay Z for his entrepreneurial endeavours on the business side of music.
Miss R: I absolutely love the track you recently did with Klashnekoff "Freedom" How did that collaboration come about?

Kinda organically, We would link up as friends and kinda reason about life, like minded individuals. Obviously still being a fan of Klash's music I had a beat that my producer Van dam made and I thought he would fit on, I played it to him and he was like "hmmm yeah but it's bait".. lol So randomly I played a next beat from van dam and from there its a rap. 


Miss R:  Do you have a album/mixtape to follow?

Yeah.. I have an EP due to drop which features the "Freedom" track with a November release date. Album to follow in 2015. 

Miss R: What's has been your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement would be everything I've done to date musically, as it's all been independent the whole way and I will continue to be self made  and self paid :)

Miss R: What other interest do you have outside of music?

I would just say living life, gaining new experience, memories and wisdom

Miss R: Who else from the Bristol Hip Hop scene should I be looking out for?

Look out for  Buggsy, Split Prophets, King Aggi, Ellis, Jibsta Bristols finest.

Thank you Gilly!!


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