Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Boom The Bomb

I'm a sucker for the old skool and I absolutely LOVE this guy right here..

Introducing Boom The Bomb from Ohio, bringing that back that 90's flava.

Miss R: How did the name 'Boom the bomb' come about?

Well actually I came up with the nickname Boom for myself which is a expression on how to go at Life. Then Someone asked me one day why they call you Boom? And being funny I said cause I'm the Bomb, and that's how I got my name.

Miss R: You started rapping at the age of 14...Who were you main influence at that time?

Well when I started rhyming at 14 I was listening to Lil Wayne. He was hot when I was 14. But also I was listening to a lot of Big L & Biggie.

Miss R: For those who may not have heard your music, how would you describe your style?

I like to describe my style as 90's Hip-Hop. OG. BoomBap . Retro type of style.

Miss R: Do you produce your own music too?

I have two producers, HedMac & In Tune June. They make beats & engineer my songs.

Miss R. You dropped your debut mixtape earlier in the year 'Detonation' I've heard it and love it!
'Rap Ma$ter'
'Selfish' ft Belair
'Make it Dope'
'Still Summer' & "1987" are my favourite tracks...I mean I love the whole mixtape. Do you have a favourite?

Aww, thanks. I definitely appreciate it. It's actually the first Mixtape I ever put out. Straight Hip-Hop. I'm glad you like it. Much Love.

And, yeah I'll say 1987, Rap Ma$ter, Text Message, & Cool Nxggaz are some of my favs. Although I love the whole tape too haha.


Miss R: What are you working on right now?

Right now I'm working on DETONATION 2 MIXTAPE set to drop very soon. Bring Mad Flava To the game. I even got some Hip-Hop vibes for the ladies too so be on the lookout for that, D2.

Miss R: What has been your biggest challenge as a independent artist so far?

I'll say just getting money to finance everything, such as studio time, videos, flyers, etc. 

When you a independent artist , you have to do things yourself , you have to hustle twice as much than the average person , you have to invest in yourself & it can be very challenging when u still have to deal with the world & bills. 
Miss R: Are you a fan of UK Hip Hop?...would you ever want to collab with a UK artist?

Not really big on UK Hip-Hop, but I'm down to do music with anybody that's positive & down to do music with me. 

Miss R: Do you have any shows coming up?

Umm yeah , Actually Oct. 22nd I have a Open Mic performance in Harlem, NY.

Miss R: Do you have any other interests/talents outside of music?

Yeah I'm damn near a pro at every sport lol, I do fashion, art, & I'm good at making people laugh.

Miss R: Are there any artists who you would you like to work with in the future?

Yeah maybe Joey BadAss, Kendrick Lamar, Currensy, Dom Kennedy, Bring Rakim back out, Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang man the list goes on in down to work with anybody dope yo.

Miss R. What are your long term music career goals?

I'll say one of my biggest goals is to just make a impact on Hip-Hop around the World & knowing I did it by being Positive & Being Myself.

Download 'Detonation' Mixtape

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/boom-thebomb
Facebook:    facebook.com/BoomTheBomb
Twitter:       @BoomTheBomb
SnapChat:   @BoomXL 

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