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Miss Radcliffe Meets......Rudy Rudacious

Spoken Word MC Rudy Rudacious from Providence, Rhode Island,is a man of many talents. Not only is Rudy a poetic genius, he is also an actor, radio personality and barber!
 It would be rude of me to not share this man's work. So I gave him a shout.
Miss R: You started writing in 2008 while in collage. What first inspired you to get in to poetry? Was this something you have always had a interest in?

I was never really inspired to get into Poetry per say, when I started writing I just wrote what I knew. I was and am still a Hip Hop baby until I die, so I knew lyrics but I was never musically inclined enough to flow over beats and make music. Naturally I rhymed a lot in my early work and had a punch line style, but it was never structured to fit musically over a beat. So you can say I wrote free form rap until I realized what I was doing fit into the category of "Spoken Word" and "Free Form Poetry." My interest in Poetry grew as I discovered what I was doing more and more. Now I've developed myself more into the style of a "Spoken Word MC" with my poetry rather then sounding like a Rapper Who Can't Catch a Beat, I actually do things on purpose now with my writing.

Miss R: Who are your favourite poets?

Off the top of my head I'd have to say people like Christopher Johnson, Janae Johnson, Porsha O, Jamaal St John, Rudy Francisco, Theo Wilson, Maximus Parthas, Ryk McIntyre, Franny Choi, etc there is a lot though!

Miss R: I first saw you on Charlie Clips TV 'Poetry Battle' back in November 2013. Have you made a lot of fans since doing that? Who's idea was it?

Yeah, that was definitely a good look (Shout Out to Charlie Clips). The idea started off as mine, I just wanted to show case my Spoken Word skills on his channel since I know he gets views. We were already shooting the "Battle Rap Fan's Be Like" skit so I asked about recording a poem and he was with it, however the idea of making it a skit the way we did was his. Clips really is an on the spot genius when developing ideas, his process is almost unfair.

Charlie Clips TV
Miss R: Hip Hop is also a big influence in your work. Who are your favourite Hip Hop artist?

Some of my favourites got to be people like Black Thought (The Roots), Eminem, Papoose made me listen to lyrics a lot closer, DMX, Jay Z, Shiesty L Da General, Durdie Dirty, Chachi, Caliph etc there is a lot though!

Miss R: You made a tribute to Notorious BIG. "Warning" The Poetry-Mix. What was the reaction from your fans?

My fans love it, especially the ones well versed in Hip Hop culture & Rap music. For the people who aren't as well versed it's still cool because it allows me to open a dialogue about how important Biggie's first album "Ready to Die" was. That tribute was just a win all across the board, I'm very proud of it.
Miss R: So, with your acting, what productions have you been in so far? Would you like to do movies in the future?

I'm glad you asked me about acting because many people don't know I did that before Poetry. I've been in stage productions that range from Classical to Contemporary like "The Tempest" "Midsummer Nights Dream" to "Fences" "Jesus Hopped the A Train & "The Etymology of Bird" I've also acted in skits and music videos for Chachi Carvalho ("Last Dollar") and Charlie Clips ("Battle Rap Fans Be Like"). Not nearly as much on screen acting as I do on stage, but as far as movies I'd love to as long as it's the correct film.

Miss R: What other interests do you have?

Well I have a day time job as a barber at a barbershop in East Providence, RI called "Official Cuts" other then that I'm pretty much a home body to be honest.

Miss R: Do you have any shows coming up?

I just recently made in appearance in a battle at the Queen of the Ring "No Holds Barred" event. I was supporting my homegirl Couture in her battle Official, so you should see me in there once that comes out. I'll be doing two stage productions in the spring of 2015, unfortunately I can't announce them because the theatre company's haven't  released their calendar yet. Other then that trying to release more things on my YouTube channel (

Miss R: Do you plan on brining your poetry to the UK?

 As long as the UK has people that want to listen to me and I can get out there I definitely do!

Miss R: Do you have a book out with your poetry? If not, is this something you are looking at doing in the future?

I do not, I personally feel my poetry is more effective to listen to than it is to read, but as the years continue and develop my skill who knows. I might start writing poetry that I feel is more readable so when that happens I'll do it but until then it's just writing, recording and performing.

You can follow Rudy on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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