Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Olivia-Louise

I caught up with one of the UK's beautiful Singer/songwriters Miss Olivia-Louise.
Miss R:  When did your first get in to music? Do you remember the first song you wrote?

I first got into music and writing songs when I was around 8.  I started off writing poetry and it progressed into song writing . I used to try and form girl groups in primary school and I would write the songs for us lol  we'd sing them on the back of the school bus. 
I think one of the first songs was called 'Disco Diva!'  I continued to write songs all through high school and then kind of dropped off a bit when I reached my teen years. It was after I had my daughter when I started singing with my friend 'Kaos' who is an MC. He really pushed me to get back into it . I always wanted to do it but didn't know where to start and he really helped me on my feet with getting into the music industry.

Miss R: Is your daughter creative & musical like Mummy too?

She's very creative , very spiritual and connected. She's into art and drawing but recently she's started writing songs! So maybe she's taking after mummy! She's my absolute world and inspires me to work hard everyday. In fact I don't think I would have the drive , motivation and work ethic if it wasn't for her :) 

Miss R: Who did you listen to growing up? Who influenced you?

I listened to a wide variety of music growing up , from your average pop groups to Soul and Motown , Reggae and Dancehall. When I was about 10 my mum played me Lauryn Hill album and that was it. I was hooked. She's my favourite artist.  From her content to her flows and delivery she really inspires me. In fact I'm actually going to see her in concert this year ! :D

 Miss R: I could say you have the type of voice that can easily blend with any genre really. But how would you describe your sound?

Sometimes I find it hard to pinpoint what my sound is! I think I'm still exploring and developing but its definitely a soft RnB vibe  with some UKG thrown in :) 

Miss R:  Are there any other musical talents in your family?

All my family are huge fans of music.  They all go to shows and gigs and there's never a time in our houses where you wont hear music, but I'm the only one who makes music.

 Miss R: Your song "Skin Deep" (My ringtone) was prod. by Moteleola.  Who else have you worked with?

I love that's your ringtone :) I've worked with a few artists and producers from upcoming like Moteleola, Wayne Benson, Whyrez and Jeffrey De Soul to  the more established people in the industry like DJ Q and Terror Danjah. I've got a few other exciting collabs I've been working on with people as well :) 

Olivia Louise - "Skin Deep" #SingOutLoudSundays

 Miss R:  Are there any other creative avenues you want to explore?

I would like to get back into writing poetry . I even used to write short story's so who knows I may explore that one day but my passion is writing songs. Its weird sometimes I cant express how I feel verbally. Its hard to get out and then I put a beat on and press record and everything just comes out . I think many musicians will agree with me that writing songs is a sort of therapy! 

Miss R:  Looking back from when you first started to now, How have you developed as a artist?

I've developed so much , from my style and the way I write to the tone of my voice . The first time I went to the studio I was terrified. I sent everybody out whilst I sang lol so I guess my confidence has grown! I think I used to worry about what to write like "can I say that in a song?"  "Will radio even play that?' but now I care less and just make the kind of music that I want to & that I feel I need to express.

Miss R: DJ Q has made a remix of your track 'Cocaine' How did that come about?

I basically emailed him like a year ago one of my tracks ' don't push me' which is a UKG track , he emailed back and said he liked it so we started following each other on twitter . Then when he heard cocaine he loved it and asked to remix it , and now were working on more music and have a video coming out next month . He's such a talented humble guy its been a dream to work with him .

 Miss R: What are you working on right now?

Just finishing off an EP with French producer Gautier. I have a few more tracks with DJ Q coming out , two videos dropping in July & one of those is for skin deep :)
I also have three of my songs going in a British movie 'Legacy' later in the year. The film is directed by Noel Clarke who co directed 'Kidultdhood' so I'm really excited about that.

Miss R:  Do you have any shows/Tours coming up?

Yes. My more resent ones I have is one in London on 20th July at Busk The Box in Shoreditch which is a project run by Acoustic Live UK and EE Network and one in Liverpool on 27th July at Par Street Studios.  More dates and venues to be announced throughout  summer :)

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