Sunday, 15 June 2014

Miss Radcliffe Meets......Cyclonious

I was first introduced to Cyclonious and his music back in November 2013.
His no nonsense, truth telling, fearless style caught my attention, with tracks such as 'F.E.A.R' (the title track from his last mixtape)  'Get Them Hands High' from The Chosen and 'Never Lose Your Passion' From The Warrior And The Blacksmith are just a few of my favourites.

We will see the release of his new album 'Hostile Leadership' on 27th June.
I caught up with the East London Rapper for a quick chat..

Miss R. You started writing at the young age of 11. Do you remember the first song you wrote?

Nah, It's been so long and I didn't save the paper I wrote it on. It's a shame really.

Miss R. Growing up, what music did you listen to outside of hip hop?

Revival reggae mostly because of my parents, but anything popular at the time.

Miss R. You're a producer as well as a rapper. Which do you prefer, and is one process easier than the other?

They're both great, but it's not always easy to get that immaculate finish without great strategy.  I started off as a rapper, so if I had to, I'd say rapping but I really enjoy producing something that I know will fit with what I want to do, or that will accommodate another artist.

Miss R. As a producer, would you branch out in to any other genre of music, or are you strictly hip hop?

Music is beautiful like that. You can hear a type of music you never thought you would like, then suddenly it draws you in. Personally I like good music, period. Whatever taps into my frequency I'm with it. So to answer your question I would branch out in to anything that is good.

Miss R. Are there any other musical talents in your family?

My brother Opio Omega also raps. He is on many of my Cd's.

Miss R. Are there any other creative projects you would like to pursue other than music?

Acting. To have my own hip hop show to keep that real shit alive, you feel me? I'm looking to write a book at some point. I have a great imagination. I would also like to create a computer game.

Miss R. KRS-One,Wu-Tang and Tupac have been listed as your main influences. Who would you say your top 3 female hip hop artist are?

Lady of Rage! Ra Digga and Lauryn Hill.

Miss R. Some people say "Hip Hop is dead" What are your thoughts?

Hip hop isn't dead. Energy never dies, it transforms. Hip hop is still here. It's just not sensationalised by the media or radio. Rap music is what's popular now. Real heads will know what I mean by that.

Miss R. What do you think of the quality of music played on the radio today?

In my humble opinion, poor. It's one sided. I can't think of one DJ who really puts on UK talent besides the underground DJ's.

Miss R. Being a independent artist you have full control of your music and direction. Do you find promoting yourself and getting your music heard a easy process?

Getting that real push your music deserves will cost you. It's not a easy process to begin with. After trial and error and building relationships it will change.

Miss R. Which of your own songs mean the most to you and why?

I have a lot of songs. Can't say which is my favourite 'Cos every day I'm making something new and my opinion shifts.

Miss R. Looking back from when you first started to now. How have you developed as a artist?

I'm much more wiser in the theory sense and very much more defined in the practical sense. I love the music I make now.
Miss R. Your new album 'Hostile Leadership' is out 27th June. What is it all about? what can we expect from it?

Hostility of course! You can expect great production. Metaphors tight rhymes, a lyrical journey.

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